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tales from the courthouse, part 76

Note to "ministers" of questionable religious organizations: Just because God forgives your client, that does not mean the justice system does. Citing scripture is not going to get the defendant out of a jail term, no matter how many prayers you say on behalf of your client.

Also, it would be in your best interest to not refer to the sitting judge as "Caligula."


Well, those robes DO somewhat resemble togas, after all...

Well ,having the horse in court does beg the quesstion.....

The John Hurt in drag Caligula, or the Malcolm McDowell human head harvesting Caligula?

God will forgive you. The State of New York will not.

a little context please? a link or sumthin'

Sorry, Bill. It's work related. That's about all I can give you.

LOL. I've heard of a sitting judge who took exception to being referred to as "That Bitch"...as in contempt of court, go directly to jail taking exception.

I've always stuck with "Your Honor", regardless of what I really thought they should be called. Seemed safer that way.

Righto Rita!'Your Honor" and "Yes,Officer" are two key phrases in the etiquette of self-preservation.