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Guilty as Charged

Hello, and welcome to All Filler, No Killer Thursday. This is traditionally the day of the week [day subject to change] when I realize Iíve shot my load writing-wise and my mind refuses to come up with another novel-length discourse on whatever the Subject of the Week is. I am nothing if not single minded. When I get on a soap box, I stay up there until someone threatens to burn the box beneath me. So, that being said, today is filler day. Unless another soap box opportunity presents itself.

Today, in honor of a conversation I had with someone last week about a certain sappy 70's band that no one admits to liking but which I do below, we are going to discuss Guilty Pleasures.

Ok, so I enjoy listening to Air Supply once in a while. The lyrics are so endearing, the sentiment so sickly sweet, that you canít help but sing along in faux earnest. Do I feel guilty about this sometimes? Yes. Iíve never quite been able to work up the courage to sing ďAll Out of LoveĒ in a public venue yet. Then again, I never sing in public anyhow. Unless drunk and encouraged by dollar bills.

Guilty Pleasures come in all varieties. Movies? I own Princess Diaries on DVD. Television? Iíve been known to spend an entire Saturday watching a marathon of Lifetime movies, hours upon hours of Women in Jeopardy, starring Meredith Baxter Birney or some 90210 has-been or John Stamos.

Oh, why donít I just admit to them all right here and now? Iíll cleanse my soul and feel so good and pure about myself that it wonít even matter when everyone starts making fun of me.

So Iíll admit that I love Elvis sandwiches. Europeís Final Countdown. Motley Crueís Home Sweet Home. Pikachu. Justin Timberlake. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Howard Stern. Cops. True crime documentaries. Weekly World News. Sabado Gigante. Eating hot fudge out of the jar with a spoon. Little House on the Prairie. Cream soda with milk. Match Game. Commenting on Fark. Infomercials. Hockey fights. Canada.

Iíll stop there and let you go on. Donít be afraid. I didnít set the bar too high, did I?


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Sabado Gigante eh? Heh...well, One billion viewers can't be wrong...

I am addicted to 7th Heaven. To the point where I will refuse otherwise normal and healthy pursuits in order to watch it (When it airs, as taping to watch later is not a viable option).

I eat peanut butter from the jar. Not often, just when the mood strikes me.

I so love "Newlyweds" also and have a ridiculous crush on one Ashton Kucher, despite what a spazzy twit he is.

I have a feeling this is just a diabolically clever ruse to make me admit I used to watch Dawson's Creek...

Def Leppard. Melissa Etheridge. Revenge of the Nerds. Evil Dead II. Tru Calling (it's terrible, but Eliza Dushku is hot, so I watch with the sound off). Chocolate Malt Frappuccinos (yeah, I know it's just a milkshake -- I like 'em, OK?)


Oh, and the 1970's 'Incredible Hulk' series. I guess it's not exactly a guilty pleasure, but my pals make fun of me when I say that nobody else understands how dynamic and talented an actor Bill Bixby was. They try to make me feel guilty.

Fuck 'em.

Sorry, one more: Really bad movies. Not the kind of bad where it's so bad that it's great, like camp or something, but the kind of bad that's just plain unappealingly poor. For some reason I can't get enough of such movies. I don't even know what criteria I use to judge them so.

(Example: 'The Incredible Melting Man.' Not even b-movie funny or anything. Just gross, and poor. I love it. Suffice to say, I end up watching a lot of movies by myself.)

Thlayli, "The Evil Dead II" is not a guilty pleasure. It's a freaking triumph of the cinema.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Particularly the first 10 minutes of the show when they storm into the straight victim's house and rip on everything right and left. If only Ted were straight. swoon

Oh, and Nestle's Drumsticks. Like Michele, I feel cleansed now.

Soap operas. The drama! The romance! The super contrived storylines! The inbreeding! The coming back from the dead! But most of all the clothes. I love the way they wear big white wedding gowns even when they're on their fourth and fifth marriage. I love the slutty clothes they wear to the office. I love the way they get to wear cocktail dresses to dinner every night!

Excuse me, I need to go shopping....

They keep either canceling the shows I like best ("Firefly"), or moving them around all over the schedule so I can't find them ("Whose Line Is It Anyway?", the Drew Carey version), or making the wrong decision on how to "fix" what's wrong with it ("Star Trek: Enterprise"). If it weren't for DVDs and Cartoon Network, my new TV would be a complete waste of living room space.

I love air supply

Wait, being addicted to Cops is supposed to be a guilty pleasure? And here I've been bold as brass about the fact that I have seen almost every episode so many times that when the band White Zombie sampled a sound clip from the show back in 1995, I recognized the episode it came from.

Perhaps I should be ashamed of it, but I'm too busy trying to hide the fact that I love listening to albums of marching band music and I've watched Butterfield 8 too many times to count.

John Denver

Meredith Baxter Berney, John Stamos, definitely. But you forgot Judith Light and Brian Dennehy. I think Lifetime is their sole benefactor. My guilty pleasure is Trading Spaces. I hate the campy quality and all that damn perkiness, but it sucks me in every time. Oh and any stupid-ass countdown on VH1, no matter how many times I've seen it. Bastards.

Ok, ok.

I watch Stargate SG-1 whenever it's on. Fomulaic, predictable and at times, makes absolutely no sense.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Oh, and what Scott said about said about Evil Dead 2. Bruce Campbell may well be the single greatest B-movie actor ever.

Michele, singing Now And Forever at a family karaoke gathering, complete with a cousin or two to pass the mic to when you're running out of breath is a truly liberating experience.

Give it a try; there's nothing to lose.

Beavis & Butthead.....

Oh, and there is a therapy group for people like us. It's called "everyone" and we meet at the bar down the street...

Georgette Heyer. Dick Francis. Lord Peter. Robert Parker. The Cat Who... series. Miss Marple. Erle Stanley Gardner. Aw, heck, most any mystery.
Reading any of above in bed while eating M&Ms and drinking cold milk.

Lion King, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Bambi

Elvis singing My Way. Heart Crazy on You. Whoever it is doing Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer. Nancy Sinatra These Boots Are Made For Walking. (blush) Herman's Hermits 'enry the Eighth. And yeah, Air Supply.

Chocolate Easter Candy.

Jeff Foxworthy.

McDonald's french fries!

The Weather Channel.

Snow (the one-hit white rapper, not the meteorological event).

Weird Al Yankovic.

Saturday morning cartoons. "Reading" the newspaper by skipping all of the liberal-leaning articles and just checking the few comic strips that show any promise. Disney movies (specifically, recent ones that haven't done very well).

Sitcom reruns I've already seen 30 times.

Gilmore Girls (this one hurts the most to let out; partly because it's a WB show, more because the target audience has twice as many X chromosomes as me). Nicholas Nickleby (the recent movie more than the book). Pride and Prejudice (the book and the A & E Colin Firth version). Lots of other Jane Austen novels. When I was young enough to swipe my sisters' library books, The Babysitters' Club.

Formulaic Star Trek and Star Wars novels.

And my #1 vice: spending countless hours of the night playing ancient computer games I've already finished countless times.

Oh, and NetHack.

Hm. It does feel better. Mostly.

Oh, and Lik-m-Aid Fun Dip.

Mmm... sugary sand...

I saw Poison in concert once.... and Guns 'n Roses, too.... twice for them, but to save that one, the second time was Metallica/GnR and I left after the 3rd song (Patience, which they fucked up on the second chord..... God, they were stoned then....).

I also have an incredible soft spot for An Officer And A Gentleman, an undeniable chick-flick!

Well, there's always "Xanadu" - which has the added touch of Electric Light Orchestra. Bonus!

My feelings about Meredith Baxter-Birney haven't been the same since Chef sang about her...

I like most hair-metal (well when they aren't trying to be "serious"), 80's electro-pop, Dexters Labratory, Grim & Evil and have a soft spot for the very-twee Charmed. Sabado Gigante is pretty damn funny.