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despite all my rage.... scratch that

Nevermind. I changed my mind about the about page. I think I'll just make stuff up when someone asks me about myself.

Instead, I offer for your viewing pleasure - I hope - today's entry in my husband's Sketch-A-Day book. A self portrait. Click that thumbnail over there. Yea, that one.

Day is done. Finally. A nice cordial glass half filled with Amaretto, a Type O Negative CD on the headphones and one hour until Adult Swim. I am at peace.


Hey, that's a damn good picture!

I don't believe I've said this.... you're husband is a damn good artist. I've been impressed with everything you've posted here. Not all of it is my style, but it's all well-done. Please pass my compliments on to him.

The best bio line ever was the first line of The Jerk, I think. "I was born a poor black child." Use it; I do.

I'd give alot to see your husband's portfolio... The art you've posted here has all been great. It's nice living with artists; I live with two. Except for the paint chips everywhere, it's great having all that creative energy running through the house...

Yes, thanks for posting your husband's artwork. It's very cool!

Mmmmm, amaretto. And speaking of adult swim, my cousin gifted me with the first Cowboy Bebop DVD for Christmas. Can't wait to watch that.

Ohh,ohh, look!


Heh heh heh...