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addressing the really imporant issues

I'd like to address two issues that WindRider brought up in the comments on the post below this one.

1. I've been asked this question quite a few times the past few days: Is it ok if I nominate ASV for a Bloggie? What about Command Post?

Answer: As far as ASV goes, I would appreciate it if you would not nominate this blog for anything. While I appreciate the sentiment, if ASV were to be on the final ballot I would ask Nikolai to remove it. There's various reasons involved, none of which I would like to explain. As far as TCP goes, please, by all means nominate it. The long list of contributors who have made TCP the success it is deserve the recognition.

2. I spoke to Windy on the phone last week. Bless his heart, he said that I don't have a Long Island accent. And he's not lying. I don't. A New York accent, maybe. Long Island, no. It's very easy to confuse the two which is why some people may tell you that I speak in a Long Island tongue. As Alan or Melly or Meryl or some others can tell you, I do not say mawl or cawfee or dawter, which is the hallmark of an LI accent. And Windy has a very nice phone voice.

Speaking of which, Melly, I'll call you Friday evening if you'll be home. Sorry about the laryngitis thing last week.


for the record, there is nothing wrong with pronouncing it "cawfee."

I resided on Long Island for 10 years while growing up and though I used to have a touch of New York accent, it seems to have left me.

The "acid test" is how someone pronounces "Long Island" itself. If it's one word, that's where they're from. ;)

shit sorry... i kinda already nominated ASV. Lemme email Nikolai.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! You TOTALLY have a Long Island accent!