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who wants to party like it's 1999 2004?

Big Apple Blogger Bash 2004

I RSVPd that I'm going, but I ain't going alone. One of you NY type people better volunteer to escort me.


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Dude, if I wasn't going to be in Florida that week, I'd so take you. I'm only an hour and a half tops from the city.

there's a pretty strong chance I'll be there...in which case I could be your escort.

(hmm...."escort".... I think I sense a career-change).


I was counting on you, doll.

And Doc, how much do you charge? Whatever it is, I'm sure it would be worth it to be within ten feet of you.

Did someone say major crush?

Sure sweetie. They'll all be saying: hey, who's that standing behind Michele? Did she bring a body guard? An unknown blogger? Ack!!!!

Yes dear, I just RSVPed.

Faith, I don't know anyone who's going, either. At least no one I ever met. You'll be the only one.

Hmmm. Maybe. It's a Friday, after all, which means I'm not allowed to go home after work...

Wow, this is such a great idea. I'll be visitng NY that week for LinuxWorld, so I may just have to show up. Gotta check the schedule...

oh, i am so there! i'm bad with geography, though... new york is close to san diego, right?

oh. wait. maybe not.

Nick & I are going if you want to meet up at Penn and come with us... :)

I want your autograph when I see you there :)

Well, that's the good thing about me, Michele: I work for alcohol and decent conversation (and barring decent conversation, I'll settle on rampant belligerence).

Of course, as the madames always say on the phone, "Anything else you work out between you and your date is strictly private."

Michelle, depending on which train line you take, you me and Ren may end up on the same train heading there....

That looks great.

Suburban life, wife, and family preclude me from spending a Friday night in the city with cool young bloggers.

Hey, I have a suburban life, husband and family but I've bribed them so I can get away for the night.

And I'm not young. Not by a longshot.

I'm going to go, and Mary might go too.