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the hazards of lockerroom reporting

Oh. My.

[Don't open around small children]


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hahahaha! hahahaha!

So much for that myth...

And here I was wondering if anyone on my team still had a pair..

For those of you who don't know Dale Hansen, I've watched him on Channel 8 for almost 20 years. Whenever I see him I think "dick". This will not help.

Jeesh, the poor Cowboys only thought they got humbled by Carolina...

OMG! And that actually aired? sigh.

Sweet Jeebus. I laughed so uncomfortably much at that.

Whoa Nellie!

For some reason that boosted my self-esteem.

That ... was hilarious :)

Bad editor, no biscuit!


OMG! And that actually aired? sigh

I can attest that every night on WFAA is amateur night, but that was poor even by their standards.

Now I'll always wonder who that set belonged to (in between fits of giggling).

I'm going to (ahem) extend my shot of improved self-esteem by simply pretending everyone else but me is that size. Starting with... <pointing and snickering>

(Well, so much for that New Year's resolution -- didn't even last a week.)

There goes the myth of the enormous hung....

He's a GROWER. Honest. And the locker room was cold.

I am not a WFAA fan. I have tried to load this and watch, but no luck. Did they make you take it down?