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bad mood rising

A 13 member jury has selected the final design for the World Trade Center Memorial, though they haven't announced it yet.

In November, I cast my own personal vote for Garden of Light.

I take it back.

It's not that I want one of the other two finalists to be the winner. I went over all of them again today and something kept kicking at my gut. Things I liked about the designs less than two months ago were now irking me. I chose today to find all the little points about each that bothered me. And why? Why was I suddenly being so pissy about these selections when in November I said about them, They are all beautiful in their own way?

I get it now. I know where my gut was going with the constant lurching all day.

I don't want any of them. All of a sudden, I don't want there to be a memorial with gardens and flowers and shining light and flowing streams. I want it to be dark and dreary and depressing. I want it to make you feel bitter, angry and sad. Why? Because I'm selfish. Because I still feel bitter, angry and sad and I still get depressed about it and I want everyone to keep feeling that raw emotion that never, ever leaves me.

'll most likely feel differently tomorrow or maybe even tonight, but right now I don't feel anything but pain, all over again and misery loves company. I want everyone to feel their heart clench and have the tears well up just like me.

Yea, it's wrong and it's selfish. Sometimes the dark side likes to come out of hiding. Today's the day.


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I have never been to NYC, so it is different for me. I have felt dark and bitter the whole time. No memorial will make me feel better - unless it includes Osama's head on a stick.

Osama - you are a cowardly prick hiding in those hills. C'mon out ya wuss.

Easycure has a point. The best memorial to those who died that day will be when we know for certain that everyone in al Qaeda -- especially OBL himself -- is either dead or in custody, and the organization itself has been neutralized.

I agree. I think it would be more fitting to rebuild on the site with a statue placed on the grounds so that passerbys can be reminded of the hallowed ground that they are walking on, doing business on, living the American dream on. Too often I think we overdue it with memorials.

I've always thought the best memorial would be rebuilding the towers. Second best would incorporate restrooms featuring OBL's image in the urinals/toilet bowls.

Riyadh delenda est!

I've felt, from day one, that the best memorial is an empty place. That says infinitely more than any physical structure.

Nothing says "fuck you Osama" more than rebuilding there. Not necessarily a replica of the World Trade Center, but buildings with a similar purpose.

Sure, lets have a memorial recording those who were killed there, but we need to say "So, you though you could intimidate us? Destroy those values of freedom, liberty, democracy, tolerance, justice, equality that makes the USA what it is? Look at see what you have achieved - nothing. You can't make us change."

There are two things about the Vietnam Memorial that left a profound impression on me. One was its simplicity.. there is something very appropriate about it, the wall, the names..the setting.

The other was the timing. The Wall was built in 1982. Building it in 1973, or 1975, would have been too soon. The wounds are still too raw.

I feel the same way about a WTC memorial. I respect the intentions of those who pursue it, but in my heart it feels too soon.

I want everyone to feel their heart clench and have the tears well up just like me.

I'm biting back a lewd joke right here. Out of respect.

And fear.

Remember Cannae and Pearl Harbor. I would be a lot more comfortable with more more than more memorials.

Hell, build a half-mile high building.

Do something spectacular. Any nation can build statues to the dead, but this is the nation that learned to create structures tall enough to scrape the sky itself.

Go big or go home.

I agree. I've never seen anyone's death as an inspiration and this shouldn't be an exception. I think they should put nothing, or something quite normal there. We all know what happened there, so there's no need for all the hubbub.