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the "bender" post of the day

I would comment on this artikel article, but I'm too stoopid to understand it and, besides, I have to go woch watch Jerry Springer, stick my finger in an elektrik electric socket and try to score above a 50 on one of them there IQ test thingies. And then I'm gonna go aks someone to show me how to wurk one of them there voting masheen machine things so I can vote for Mr. Bush in the next elecshun, whenever that is.

And thusly, Neal Starkman of Seattle is the recipient of today's "Bender Post," which goes to the person who I would most like to kiss my ass.


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Unfortunately - if we implemented Mr. starkmans plan, he would be unable to vote.

If more than 50% of the people like Bush - some of those people obviously had to have voted for Gore in the last election because as the Dems are so found of pointing out that Gore won the popular vote (never mind that we use an electoral system in this country) (ignore tha fact that after 3 recounts Bush still won - move along, nothing to look at here shepples) - he is therefore calling people in his own party stupid and wanting to deny them the right to vote - wait a second - maybe he is on to something. ;-)

I love it! Typical jurassic-left elitist. Being a recovering Liberal, I just can't belive the vile hatred that exists on the left today. No solutions, just juvenile attacks. I think the DNC should change the party's symbol from a Jackass to a Lemming.

In a little noticed addendum, he also said that people who voted for Bush were poopy-heads and had cooties.

I must be really, really stupid. I love George W. That must mean that my IQ tests were wrong and that all those "A's" I received in school were given to me be mistake. Darn.

He's basically correct about a general lack of sophistication in our populace - he only goes off the deep end when trying to limit it to Bush supporters.

The reason money is so critical for political success in America is that vast numbers of people can be swayed by 30 second TV ads. The only meaningful way to limit the influence of advertising is to become more sophisticated consumers. Republicans and Democrats alike frequently avoid having to answer hard questions just because the people don't know what questions to ask.

My educational holy grail has long been that we should be teaching logic to kids from gradeschool forward. Leaving it as a college level elective is gross educational malpractice. It's a crime that we send kids out into the world with no tools to fight todays extraordinarily sophisticated marketing campaigns.

Um, Michele? You spelled "recipient" wrong in that last paragraph. I mean, I'm just sayin'.

"jurassic-left"... HAHAHAHA!

I wish I'd said that. And I will.

I remember back in my college days when we were in the nuclear arms "race." Spending billions of dollars on useless weapons and "detection" mechanisms that nearly exterminated the USA because of a flock of geese or the failure of a $.59 part.

Back then, the Left had a lot of really great causes. Let's face it -- the Contras were shits, the nuclear arms race was in fact, a really bad dangerous idea, yadda yadda yadda.

But now, the Left has "we hate George Bush" and "Islamic fundamentalists aren't that bad" and "we should have spent that $87 billion on social programs that have had 37 years to work and haven't worked yet." That's it. That's the program. Saving the world, stopping ruthless thugs and dictators, re-rigging the system away from corporate rule to help the working man -- nope. None of that. Just more money for more bureauracracies, please. And you're a stupid stupid person if you don't agree with me and Mark Morford.

From a coalition of alternative viewpoints that literally wanted to remake the world into a collection of tax-loving conspiracy theorists. Oh, my, it's been a long hard fall.

Yeah, what Miker said....

Starkman is SOOOOO right about there being a general dumbing-down of our nation. Just watch a Prime-Time televison show, including commercials or read the Boston Globe (or NYT) cover-to-cover or even worse, spend some time in a store....

Everything's been convienience-sized for us, packaged up and shoved down our throats, from the news to what is published, to the foods we eat. It's made us (as a "whole" society now...) stupider.

Limiting it to Bush supporters is where Starkman earns a three word reposte:

"Bite Me, Fucknugget!"

I don't normally write letters to the editor, but I had to write them on that one. Talk about a narrow minded insult disguised as an editorial.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure any amount of education would help fight marketing. There are some fallacies that people make no matter how smart or well educated they are. I read an interesting collection of papers on judgement and several of them dealt with questions asked to groups of statisticians that have a logical answer and a compelling answer. The majority gave the compelling answer even though logically, it was wrong.

Also, the arms race was dangerous, but necessary. We outspent the Soviet Union and defeated them economically. There was a high risk, but letting them gain superiority would have been suicide.

Bolie IV

This is not a new phenomenon with the left. They know that many people disagree with them, but they believe it can be for only one of two reasons: Either the person disagreeing with them is evil, or he is stupid. In their little world, there can be no other reason for not celebrating the wisdom of leftist ideas.

Their insulation has been evident for a long time. Remember the celebrated quote by a committed leftist--I believe she was a reporter or columnist with a major NY paper--after the 1972 presidential election? She said, "How could Nixon have won? Nobody I know voted for him."

Exactly. Intellectual inbreeding is an ugly thing.

I like it when he says, "You know these people; they're all around you (they're not you, else you would not be reading this article this far)." Like stupid people only read half of the page, or only down two paragraphs. What a jerk.

However, it does lead to some interesting campaign slogans for the left.

"Stupid people vote for Democrats"
"If your stupid, vote for Dean"
"Democrats are Stupid People too"

Greg, the quote you mention was by the film critic Pauline Kael.

A recent study by PIPA is interesting. Read about here (it includes a link to the report)


This is typical Seattle PI stuff. Nothing new here, including the lame assertion that liberals are brilliant and everyone else is a dunce.

At least he had the guts to say it out loud.

Starkman and his like-minded companions would be happier in Old Europe, where there's an elitist class to handle all that messy governing that can't be left to the masses. It worked so well in France this summer that thousands died in a heat wave. You would have thought we were talking about a 3rd world catastrophe.

Liberals have no appreciation for liberty, or "the consent of the governed".

...I suppose I'm the only one here whose first random synapse firing upon reading Michele's first paragraph here had to do with Flowers for Algernon...

We Americans are dumb, we support Bush, what happened to us? We elected Clinton in '92 and '96, were we smarter then? Did the collective IQ of America take a nose dive along with the stock market after 2000? Is this the beginning of a new eugenics movement? From now on will only smart Democrats, living in Seattle or posting on the DU, will be allowed to vote? Will we Stupids be marginalized and isolated pending a final solution?

I've commented on this A-hole on my site.

Your post gets a link!

One word...


I wrote it as one word, come on you lefties, where are your comments.

You right wingers can make fun of me, I can take a joke...from you.

goes back to burying guns in backyard

Ferro Lad, I'm thinking of plan 9 from outer space myself

Josh, imagine Bush in a cape like Bela Lugosi. That's how he has power over all us idiots! "Y'all is under mah spell now! Bwa ha ha ha haaaaa"!!

Ok, I thought it hilarious. Vicious, unfair, and hilarious. It also got y'all pissed off and talking about it - which I think improves upon the usual smug, unthinking complacancy.

Of course, while it is totally unfair, like all truly nasty, groin-level assaults on our nearest and dearest assumptions, it's also true to an uncomfortable degree, when you iris out a bit.

I think the word "stupid" is unfair, and worse, misleading. In The Nation article I cite, a clinical sociologst makes a good case that GWB's authoritarian style and use of empty rhetoric is intended to induce a submissive coma - and she contasts him (as negative example) to Ronald Regan as a positive one.

I made a few points I thought important too, so the link goes to my site, and I'll link back to here.