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Dear Pete Rose

Just because you bet on your own team to win does not mean it's ok, Pete. At least not to me. You should have sucked it up and admitted your gambling a long time ago, Pete, instead of pulling a Clinton and swearing that you did not have a relationship with a bookie. As the song playing on my Winamp right now (coincidentally) says, it's too late for apologies.

I have no tolerance for compulsive gamblers, this stemming from a personal experience with one.

I have no tolerance for sports figures who engage in activities that other people in normal day-to-day jobs would be summarily fired for.

I have no tolerance for a sport that would welcome back people who have shamed it.

Tomorrow Major League Baseball will announce the new inductees into its Hall of Fame. My three favorites on the list, Don Mattingly, Dale Murphy and Goose Gossage, will most likely not get in. If, someday, the Hall of Fame accept Pete Rose as a member but not those three players, I will officially hang up my baseball fan hat. MLB is in the third strike phase for me. One more, they are out. Game over.


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Wish Donnie would get into the Hall of Fame...might make the topps rookie of him I have worth enough to sell :)

"I have no tolerance for a sport that would welcome back people who have shamed it. "

By that logic sports would have to kick out about 95% of it's current players. Make no mistake, as a Cincinnatian I'm pissed at Pete. Not just for the original gambling fiasco, but for lying about not gambing these 15 or so years. But the Hall of Fame isn't reserved for saints or just all around nice people. And as the current batch of athletes are getting not just repugnant (Horn of the Saints) but criminal (Ray Lewis), the future members of the Halls of Fame are going to make Pete Rose look like a choir boy.

But baseball writers decide who gets into the HOF. All Bud Selig can do is re-instate him into baseball.

Sean, Selig can bit my shiny metal ass as well.

Well, it's not shiny and metal, but you get the point.

And Johno, HE BET ON THE SPORT HE WAS EMPLOYED BY. Sure, I can be aggravated about Strawberry and Gooden and whatever thugs are currently playing for the NFL, NHL or NBA. But betting on your own team - he certainly should and can be frozen out of the league for that.

Maybe the NBA doesn't have a "conduct unbecoming" clause and can't ditch Kobe for being an alleged rapist (not that they would if they did), but I'm sure that MLB has some kind of rule against betting on baseball.

MLB Rule 21 section d:

(d) BETTING ON BALL GAMES. Any player, umpire, or club official or employee, who shall bet any sum whatsoever upon any baseball game in connection with which the bettor has no duty to perform shall be declared ineligible for one year.

Any player, umpire, or club or league official or employee, who shall bet any sum whatsoever upon any baseball game in connection with which the bettor has a duty to perform shall be declared permanently ineligible.


Same here w/r/t quitting being a baseball fan if Rose is ever inducted in the HoF.

My post today on Bambino's is all about how much I hate the guy. I'm going to make a 30 second ad comparing Rose to Hitler. :)

Also that rule stated above is posted in EVERY clubhouse locker room per order of MLB. No way to plead "But I didn't know."

Agreed, Edw. - there's no excuse - plus, he was a freaking manager. Get a grip, Pete.

While he might deserve to be a HOFer because of his on-field exploits, his off field exploits deem him "permanently ineligible" - Shoeless Joe has next, btw.

Rose bet on baseball games in which he had a duty to perform, so he was and should remain permanently ineligible (PI)from baseball.

As for the HOF, the problem I have is that the rule preventing PI players from being elected into the Hall was enacted after le affair Rose. As all-time hit leader, I think Rose should have a plaque there, placed with no ceremony, stating "Pete Rose. MLB hit leader. PERMANENTLY BARRED FROM BASEBALL FOR GAMBLING"

The problem I have with MLB is that druggies are coddled, and gamblers expelled, but I'm sure that if I owed $100K for coke, my supplier could ask me to throw a game and the supplier could make a fortune with his bookie.

Gambling by players can destroy the integrity of the game very, very quickly. It has to be taken more seriously than drugs. Drug use related to performance impinges on the integrity of the game, especially the record books. But gambling destroys it.

Rose knew the rules. He did it anyway. He's out permanently.

It doesn't change the fact that he was a great player and a pretty good manager, too. But if you're banned, you're banned. Good life lesson.

Can I ask one question? And this is in agreement that Rose should stay ineligible (but on his own merits, be inducted).

Did he bet on his own team? Just curious, since i think that's the unforgivable bit.

I listened to a morning radio show and this topic came up. One of the hosts felt that because of Rose's accomplishments and the fact that he'd 'paid his dues' he should be allowed into the Hall of Fame; he also cited Rose's 'love of the game.'

If Rose loved the game so much, he wouldn't have tarnished it and the sport by his actions.

His actions have negated his accomplishments. He does not belong in the Hall of Fame and he definitely does not belong anywhere in baseball in any capacity, and any move to allow him to be employed again is an insult to the players and fans. I can't imagine why any team would want him, anyway.

Rose bet on baseball, and yes, he bet on his own team. The only mitigating factor is he bet on his own team to win. So no games were thrown.

I don't think it's a given that he never threw a game just because he never bet against his team. We can still imagine him throwing games (when no bet had been made) to better his odds when he bet on his team and, thinking about it, what bookie would take his bet that he'd lose?

"The only mitigating factor is he bet on his own team to win. So no games were thrown."

But what if his closer worked the previous three games, is a bit gassed and Pete's got a bet going? What if his first baseman slightly pulled his hammy the day before, he sits the first six innings, but in a tie game, he's called upon to play? "What if" a ton of scenarios where Mr. Rose's decision-making process is influenced by the bets he made?

Bottom line: He broke the unbreakable rule. Period.

He then lied about it for 14 years.

He now decides to "admit" he bet on baseball to sell books ... coincidentally the same week as the HOF inductees are announced.

With him it has been, is now and always will be about one thing: Pete Rose.

Admit him as soon as possible. Posthumously.

"Admit him as soon as possible. Posthumously."

Yeah, wishing someone were dead because they made some bets and cast a bad shadow on a sport - that's perfectly sane and admirable. The internet gives me the Goddamned creeps more and more every day.

"Rose bet on baseball, and yes, he bet on his own team."

And I ask for proof, please.

There's still a part of me that's a god damn kid carrying my baseball glove and pete rose card as I saw him play years ago."You're lucky" I remember my Dad saying "You got to see one of the greatest players ever hit a home run." Last year I took my son to a Colorado Rockies game. Barry Bonds hit a home run and I told my son how lucky he was to be seeing it. It made me think of watching Pete Rose and I couldn't help but feeling depressed.

Untill this weekend I defended Rose, telling anyone who would listen that he might have gambled but I took him at his word that he never bet on baseball.

That was just the kid inside me talking, thinking about a warm summer night that was too long ago. The bastard bet on baseball. He spit on the game. The game owes him nothing.

Pete broke baseball's cardinal sin. For 14 years he shoved it in everyone's face. And now, when the whistle on the gravy train is blowin, he says "yeah, I did a little, some, maybe". Give me a break.

He was an incredible player. And sadly, an incredible fraud.

The betting on his own team part, obviously.

Joseph, he admits it in his book which will be out Thursday.

Type O props, Michele you closet goth. Hoisted bottles of Coppola merlot with Peter backstage a couple months ago in Orlando. Ended up hanging out with them in Tampa a couple nights later. Go me, I rock.

Ease up a bit there, Kevin. I think JIMG meant "sure he can get in ... once hes dead." Not "Lets kill him then let him in." The idea being that he won't get to experience what he's so obviously fishing for.

Maybe you're right. JIMG may be a creep for all I know, but I'm just trying to see the nicer interpretation. It's moot anyway, as Petey only has the next two ballots before he's no longer eligible.

That's what it boils down to. It's probably too late for this year's ballot. He's trying to salvage his reputation and get reinstated in time to campaign for next year, his last chance. It's all about geting into the Hall. His last season as player/manager was all about sticking around long enough for the hits record, though he was physically too washed up to be an effective player. It's all about Pete. That's all it ever was.

And that's the disillusioned kid in me speaking, the one who used to idolize Charley Hustle back in the 70's

Here's the thing. He lied his entire career, he lied after he got caught, he lied for 14 more years. Now he says he never bet on his own team to lose.

Why should we believe him?

I'm with Michele on this one.

Of course I didn't mean to kill him.

As I stated, it's always been about Pete Rose. Let him in for his accomplishments on the field, but don't reward him for his actions by allowing him to experience the induction. In other words, posthumously.


I don't really care, as I've stated before...

MATTINGLY?????? ugggh...
Personal beliefs/allegiences aside, he SHOULD get in..... on the ballot AFTER Jim Rice.

Indeed, no Mattingly again this year. Molitor and Eckersley yes, Mattingly no.

My apologies, JimG. I misread your statement.

I'm with G. Bob on this: until I heard the announcement, I've always argued that there was no real evidence that Rose bet on the Reds.

I'm also a (former) lifelong Reds fan. "Former" mainly because I'm disgusted with all professional sports these days. Baseball used to be one of the few sports that had class... :(

I don't think Rose is scum, or anything, but the fact is that he be on his own team, and no matter how good a player he is, he should be banned from baseball for that reason.

Maybe Jimg has it right: induct him postumously. I just can't see him being inducted any other way.



Sorry about Goose not getting in this ballot, he is one of my favs too, but for Oaktown die-hard fans Eck's acceptance was a real surprise and a boost for those of us who remember the A's of the late 80's. When Eck stepped onto the field we knew a win was in the bag...he's a decent guy too...no big ego trip. I don't even wanna talk about the poofters in silver & black.

Pete Rose is truly despicable. He is a failure as a husband, father, and a human being. Only one thing matters to Rose -- himself. One of the worst cases of arrested development and lack of character I have ever witnessed.

Pete Rose's gambling did NOTHING to destroy the intergrity of the game. He threw NO games. He bet on his team to WIN, and he bet EVERY GAME except for one. It was in his best interest for Rose to win EVERY game, therefore eliminating the argument that he would manage in a way that would put a good player on the DL. The letter of Rule 21 was broken, but the spirit was not. No games were thrown. The game of baseball was not tainted but for Rose's cover-up.