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You know it to be true.

[Click for bigger. I hate having to use MS Paint]

*note: this is in reference to the post below. I'm just trying to help out the far left with their cause*


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I love you. Not in that "interfering with your marriage" way, but in the "you just made me laugh on an otherwise grey and nasty day" way.

Does this mean Bush will ultimately see the error of his ways and throw Dick Cheney into a bottomless pit?

Anyway, great stuff but you've got to work an Admiral Ackbar reference in there somewhere. Maybe "Military Figure On Opposing Side Who Threatens His Reign," with Wes Clark serving the same role for GWB?

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Ha. I wish I could produce the ad.

even better

Bush is "the leader" http://www.geocities.com/marvel_villains/

Most Despicable Act; Without question, the Leader's nearly successful plan to cause World War III in Incredible Hulk 436-440 is the most despicable act by him to date. By destroying many famous monuments and landmarks, governmental buildings, and commercial vehicles all over the world, the Leader caused global tempers and fears to escalate. He caused the world to believe that a non-existant terrorist group, the Alliance, was behind the random global bombings. Moreover, the Alliance never claimed allegiance to a specific country or cause; consequently, no one felt safe or knew which country supported the Alliance.

Wait just a minute here. Where do the Ewoks fit in here? And, since when did Bush try to freeze bin Laden in carbonite? Then again, if we were to go by sheer hairiness, I suppose Khalid Sheikh Mohammed could, in theory, equal Chewbacca.

And they were both pilots (though Vader did see more action).

So, would Yasser Arafat be Yoda?

The Ewoks are al-Qaeda, I think. Saddam is frozen in carbonite, which I'm pretty sure makes Rumsfeld Jabba the Hutt.

OBL is obviously Obi-Wan. Both supposedly dead but still manage to keep in touch with their followers.

In the universe we're creating here, Michael Moore is almost certainly the mighty Sarlaac.

Boba Fett = Scott Ritter

No Ryan. No. As Boba Fett is my favorite character, I will not have that. Besides, if Bush is Vader, then Boba Fett has to be someone on his side. If Bush had a bounty hunter, he would be respresented by the U.S. Forces.

More uncanny similarities:

Vader: Choked people to death using the Force.
Bush: Almost choked on a pretzel.

Vader: Invaded the icy planet of Hoth, looking for rebels.
Bush: Tried to invade the icy state of Alaska, looking for oil.

Vader: Cut off Luke's hand.
Bush: Had Saddam's beard shaved off.

Vader: Had a secretary named Bush.
Bush: Has a secretary named Vader.
(actually, I'm not sure about this last one.)

Also, I think Rumsfeld = Tarkin.

"The UN does not concern me general. I want that dictator, not excuses"

Boba Fett is your favorite Star Wars character? I thought better of you. Fett is totally useless: all he does is cart Han Solo's frozen body to Jabba's palace and then die stupidly in the next movie. Does he have more than that one "He's worth more to me alive" line? Bib Fortuna, Jabba's idiot butler, has more screen time then Fett. In this reality, John Walker Lindh, or maybe that shoe bomber guy whose name I forget, is probably Boba Fett--a totally impotent villain.

James, your rant reminds me Hooper from "Chasing Amy".

Check http://sfy.iv.ru/sfy.html?script=chasing_amy

It's a funny scene and too long to cut and paste the whole rant.

Fuck Lando Calrissian! Uncle Tom nigger! Always some white boy gotta invoke the holy trilogy'! Bust this - those movies are about how the white man keeps the brother man down – even in a galaxy far, far away. Check this shit. You got cracker farm-boy Luke Skywalker, Nazi poster boy - blond hair, blue eyes. And then you've got Darth Vader: the blackest brother in the galaxy. Nubian God.

What's a Nubian?

Shut the fuck up! Now Vader, he's a spiritual brother, with the force and all that shit. Then this cracker Skywalker gets his hands on a light-
saber, and the boy decides he's gonna run the fucking universe - gets a whole Klan of whites together, and they're gonna bust up Vader's .hood
the Death Star. Now what the fuck do you call that!

Intergalactic Civil War!

Gentrification. They're gonna drive our the black element, to make the galaxy quote, unquote safe' for white folks.

I've gotta go with Noam Chomsky as Yoda...old, wrinkly, spouting off incomprehensible "wisdom."

And I guess I'd cast Janene Garofolo [sp?] as Princess Leia.

Heh another reason to like Bush, I always prefered Darth and Co to the rebels. (Bunch of incestous yokels.)

funny, funny stuff...

Wait just a minute here. Where do the Ewoks fit in here?

Democratic Presidential Canidates

Hmmm Luke Skywalker = Michael Moore
(Wups time to flee on that one)

Making the pricess the Sainted Pancake.

It's a trap!

if bush is vader does this make cheaney the evil emporor??? would it also stand to reason that bill clinton would be obi-wan kinobi?????? and would that make al gore yoda??? the democratic nominie would then be luke skywalker. man,i've got way to much time on my hands!!!! lol!!! lol!!!

luke(democratic nominie) i'm your father(bush to nominie)(democratic nominie)noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then bush(vader) cuts off luke's(democratic nominie)"haning chad"