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I was watching scary movie style - with my hands over my eyes.

I can resume breathing now.



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Feel better now Michele?

Quite an ending... The providence of Green Bay came through again

The coffee will be on it's way shortly.

(Maybe Tuesday - I am an incredible procrastinator.)

i almost died in excitement at the interception!!

I'm not a big sports fan, so I don't follow baseball. What was so scary?

Congratulations - Favre played a great game today.
Good luck in Philly...

Go Packers!



Well, I wasn't too thrilled at how the Packers got in, but I couldn't complain about a last-second, no-time-remaining, 4th-and-25 touchdown pass by a backup quarterback. But as a Seahawks fan, I'm glad they at least put up a valiant fight.

The thing is, yesterday's game was a contest to see who wins the right to go to Philadelphia and get crushed into tiny bits. Green Bay won. But I don't think they can beat Philadelphia. If you think about it, they allowed Seattle, which is only an above-average team at best, to score 27 points, including a touchdown with less than two minutes remaining in the game. Imagine what will happen when a good team plays them.

You cover your eyes, scary-movie style. My husband hits the mute button. I have never figured out why that helps, but he does it. Maybe so I can better hear his loud mutterings and predictions of apocalyptic doom and gloom.

OT: He simply changed the channel when the Seahawks got the ball. Stopped watching. Flipped channels incessantly. Finally switched back to see a Packer celebration. Ahhh, the tension evaporates.

I was happy and relieved, until I realized I have to deal with this again next week.

This is the man who, when we were dating, was banned from watching the Packers at my apartment, especially if it was Monday Night Football. We fought because I made a simple, optimistic prediction with two minutes left to go in a game. I hadn't yet learned the rule: no optimism allowed -- must expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised. (My prediction turned out to be correct, by the way.)

I'm just wondering how fast Vince Lombardi is spinning in his grave at the sight of Harris and McKenzie running around with those dreads hanging out of their helmets....


Thanks, from way out here in the frozen tundra. It was a heartstopper, all right.