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looks like we made it


Mars. How incredibly cool is this?


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We were watching the NASA channel last night as it descended through the atmosphere and landed. Pretty damn exciting.

Very Cool.

I hope we get to hear from the Beagle as well, the more boots on the ground the better.

Glad it went fine. Between the landing and the comet from earlier yesterday NASA hopefully got a well deserve shot in the arm.

Say what you will about whether its money well spent going into space it is still amazing how they get all that stuff to work.

It kills me that the thing bounced for a mile - AND STILL WORKED!

Um, the Euro-weenies are really rather upset that their Mars lander didn't work and the US one did. One wonders if any of them are contemplating some interesting theories on why theirs didn't work.

I know, it's awesome :)
They sure are jealous over in euroland

Nearly a hundred degrees below zero on a summer afternoon.

Because of the thin atmosphere, more than the greater distance from the sun.

So, I'd say it's beyond cool. </nerd> It's, like, frosssssssssssssssty!


Mars is 78 million kilometers from Earth!!!