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thinking out loud

Authorities say that the EgyptAir Boeing 767 that crashed into the ocean today - killing all on board - was not an act of terrorism. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Except me, of course. I think back to October 31, 1999 when an EgyptAir Boeing 767 crashed into the ocean. That time, it was the Atlantic Ocean off the island of Nantucket. The Boeing disappeared from radar screens soon after takeoff. There was no knowledge of an SOS sent out by the plane's crew.

Originally, the cause of the accident was thought to be some kind of mechanical failure, though many people were thinking of terrorism.

The NTSB investigated came to the conclusion that the copilot, Gameel Al-Batouti, purposely crashed the plane into the ocean, while saying “I rely on God” as the pilot tried to stop him. It wasn't exactly terrorism in the way that we've always known it, but it certainly was a little more disconcerting than mechanical failure.

Controversy ensued. Blame was passed around. Conspiracy theories were born.

I'm not speculating, I'm just saying - don't expect the story of today's crash to end with the announcement that it was mechanical failure, especially given the current situation with international flights.


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I find it interesting that they were able to rule out terrorism and (all but) pronounce mechanical failure as the cause within an hour of the crash, without having conducted any sort of investigation. Seems a little too quick to me.

Dave, you mustn't forget that they had the French helping them with this. Since both governments say it's a mechanical failure, that should be good enough for us.

Kinda reminds me of the old cop routine, where the cop asks the coroner how the victim died.

"Heart failure," says the coroner.

"Heart failure?" the cop asks incredulously.

"Yep, his heart failed when the bullets went through it."

The hair on the back of my neck is standing up much like it did in Oct 99.

Condaleeza~we had no idea they'd use planes as weapons. Probably the most ridivulous statement ever mad by the Bush admin, since all of them KNeW the potential of planes as weapons.
even though we were repeatedly warned , how could we know??
Because it's a lie. They knew full well the potential. They just weren't prepared for it.

The best article I've seen on the EgyptAir crash off Long Island was the cover story of The Atlantic about 7-8 months ago, if you want to refresh your memory.

Jeebiss! Some people can steer any conversation back into that lame ass "bush lied" meme. BSTI, that shit is old and played like the freakin Macarena. Get yourself a new mantra.

I have read the Atlantic monthly article as welland found it to be quite revealing
( For those who did not have the opportunity: http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/2001/11/langewiesche.htm )

Meanwhile there are other clues floating to the surface ( sorry ):

I think i'll wait a couple of weeks before calling this one.

Guys, that last link in the post is the Atlantic piece.

What I am wondering about is the state they found the bodies in. Just parts, no complete bodies. if the plane lost power, and then hit the water, the plane should have been intact until impact. So why where the bodies so badly damaged?

It may have exploded on impact if it was carrying a full load of fuel.

The NTSB NEVER issues a definitive opinion on what caused a crash until they collect a fair bit of evidence.

The Egyptian and French governments' statements shortly after the crash are politically motivated and not based on significant fact - at least that has been communicated to the press.

How often does a mechanical problem happen with a plane like this where the pilots NEVER communicate any problems.

I'm not saying one way or the other but there is definitely not enough evidence to call this one....and likely never will be given Egypt's political attack on the NTSB's call on the EgyptAir crash.


I thought of that EgyptAir thing immediately as well . . . that Atlantic piece was chilling. You get the sense the Egyptians would have denied the earth was round if they had to.