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Yes, I told you to stay tuned. I didn't mean for you to sit here and watch the blog, Rich.

I got sidetracked by the realization that we had no food in the house.
At the grocery store, I got sidetracked by the sheer amount of choices in the yogurt case.
In the parking lot, I got sidetracked by an old man trying to drive into the parking lot through the exit.
On the way home, I got sidetracked by the deli, the liquor store and EB World, where I purchased Prince of Persia.
Once home, I attempted to put away the groceries in record time but got sidetracked rearranging the pantry.
And now, I will be sidetracked by a much deserved nap. Or several hours of playing gaming.

I'm still working on something interesting. But it has nothing to do with ironing that poor woman's face. Let's just say I hope you all studied up on your 2003 celebrity/entertainment news. You're going to need all that useless information.


I hit f5 now and again, I wasn't just doing nothing!

"But it has nothing to do with ironing that poor woman's face."
Did you type that in Leela's voice?
It sounds like her.
I've now got to watch Futurama, sheesh, Blogads.

Let us know what you think of Prince of Persia, please- my brother got the PC version for me for Christmas but I am going to wait until I build my new system (in the next couple of weeks) before I crack it open. (I have about 5 other games to play right now anyway)

Ain't adult ADHD awesome. Songs in your head, movie lines in your mouth and a million things to do before the thing you thought was supposed to be next.