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the green and gold

I almost forgot - today is Packer Pride Day!



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Michele, did I ever tell you you're my favorite NY weblogger?

Being at that game last week was one of the fan highlights of my life.

Ick. The Vikings may blow goats, but the Packers blow every other mammal.


This is the greatest post of 2004...so far...

Did you send your letter of thanks to the Vikings? Or the Cardinals?

Here's to America's team.

Although you can take the boy out of Wisconsin, you cannot take the Wisconsin out of the boy: I subtly altered my holiday lights display for the playoffs.

Hopefully, now I can keep them up for the whole month of January.

From a die-hard Rams fan:

Here's hoping for a Packer victory -- and then on to Philly to do it there! Then on to St. Louis where they'll get CRUSHED! :-)

To celebrate, everyone should take off their thumb splints.

There is much confusion in St. Louis. Is it Bulger or the World Grocery Bagging Champion starting at quarterback?

Funny you should mention that. Since the NY Jets are out of the picture this year (sheeeesh) I decided to hang my hat on Farve and the boys to carry me to the Super Bowl. Go Packers!


When Seattle wins, I want you to send me a block of cheese.

If in the event, The Apocalypse comes and the Packers are victorious, I would send you some Starbucks coffee.


Everyone knows America's team is the Dallas Cowboys, not the Packers, and don't any of you forget it. Score's gonna be 27-21 Seattle. Watch.

Yeah, calling yourselves America's Team, doesn't make it so...

What's more American: Jimmy Jones, who looks kinda French, or the thousands of Packers fans who bought shares of the team (non-tax deductible donation) to help them out?

P.S. I like Parcells. He's (obviously) on hell of a coach that almost ran the Packers.

Or the fact that the VFW in Green Bay would get the proceeds if the Packers were ever sold?

I used to have no opinion on the Dallas Cowboys. Until they started calling themselves "america's team" (much the way the Braves do) -- so now I hate the Cowboys AND the Braves. If there is such a thing as "America's team," I can't think of a reasonable argument that it's Dallas.

I like Farve and the Tundra is hallowed ground, but every time I hear the Packers name I think fudge. And then I laugh.

I'm laughing right now. Fudgepackers. Go team.

Yeah, some Packers fan, can't even spell Favre's name right. Everyone knows Dallas is America's team, in most football movies, Dallas is always the team to beat: Little Giants, Any Given Sunday, The Replacements to name a few. Men who live and breathe football, such as John Madden call Dallas America's team. Even the Steelers of the 70s, Dallas' Archrival at the time, call them America's team.

Don't bring Jimmy Jones into this because Dallas fans aren't too fond of him or what he does, except of course the hiring of the Tuna.