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me, in one sentence

Chris O'Donnell (no, not that Chris O'Donnell) has redesigned his blog for the new year. He took the time to annotate all of his links, something I would never have the patience for.

I scroll down slowly, anxious to see what kind of crazy thing he will put under my link.

Ah, there it is:

A Small Victory
I have no idea how to explain Michele in one sentence

Am I that complex? Or am I that hard to understand? I had no problem using one single sentence to describe myself just yesterday:

I am a lazy, obnoxious, food-obsessed, money-wasting lush whose hobbies are sleeping, sex and engaging in juvenile pastimes.

Well, I was thinking of putting one of those random quote generator things on the page with all the nifty/terrible things people have written about me, but now I've a better idea.

You see what's coming, don't you? Yes, I want you to describe me in one sentence. I promise to use them all - good or bad - in a daily rotation on the sidebar.

I'm headed out the Cradle of Aviation Museum with the son and husband (the daughter seems to have seceded from the family recently and has adopted her friends as her new family which, considering her attitude of late, is just fine with me. Maybe.)

I hope by the time I get back the nice one-sentence-descriptions are winning out over the snarky ones. I'm really a nice person once you get to know me. Really, ask Faith. I'm just a wimpy little woman in real life.

Oh, fine. Don't be nice. Be honest.


Soup Nazi

I use that with all the loving endearment I can put into the phrase :) Your the comic relief who has no problem laying the smack down on those deserving...though did the Soup Nazi ever show an interest in politics? Hmmm...

He describes ATS as:
"Home of the Dead Pool that I will win this year."

We'll see.

I gave up the practice of annotating all of my links, because most of the descriptions were just take-offs of the sites' own slogans; yours, for instance, was "The little dead girl is back, and she ain't smellin' all that good" which quickly became obsolete and confusing.


She's not your lover, she's not your friend, she is something that you'll never comprehend.

When in doubt, Prince it out.

She has the uncanny ability to engage my mind on many different levels in so many ways; a real turn-on.

Michele: One L -- or else she'll hurt you.

A professional stage hypnotist, quite clearly in a climate-controlled Swedish cultural institution, touched daily.

(inspired from this post -- and because David perfectly fleshed out my first germ of an idea before I could...)

Michele: One of the Seven Warning Signs of the Apocalypse.

Geekified Drunken Trollop comes to mind.

(With all due respect, of course.)


hm. i'll have to paraphrase Charles Jefferson for this one:

"Don't fuck with her."

She hears the music in her head...

I am a lazy, obnoxious, food-obsessed, money-wasting lush whose hobbies are sleeping, sex and engaging in juvenile pastimes.

That would make a great personal add., though the "lush" part would worry me.

"She's a raging inferno fueled by Vodka and comics."

How about this one:
"She's a Mother in all aspects of the word."

"Michele - If you knew her well enough to describe her in one sentence, you'd be wrong."

I prefer the phrase "glorious bile," which I use in my link to this site.

The bashful belle of the blogosphere.

I felt too pressured earlier to come up with an answer. Now I got it: She's a wimpy little woman in person, but she'll rip you a new one online.

The music in her head is great, but does she have to play it so loud?

then she'll carelessly cut you and laugh while you're bleeding...but she'll bring out the best and the worst you can be..

Dave, you're not the first to use that line about me...

Michele good.

one of Billy's better works. And like he did, I mean it as a compliment.

Paraphrased from The Queers - Punk Rock Girls:

She's so cool, her style is never cramped, she's the smartest of the smartest and the sweetest of the sweetest (except when she's NOT),
Me and Dr. Frank have both decided that we love her more than toast - she's a yummy yummy punk rock girl.

Michele/ASV: Twice as unique as the rest of us.

I'd sure as hell miss her.