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Back To Gaming: Left, Right, A, B, C, Left, Right, A

I haven't abandoned all you gaming fanatics. The amount of email I received asking me to begin posting on that topic has sparked my video game fire once again.

Truth be told, I've been quite busy playing Legend of Zelda on the GameCube, trying to remember all those old paths and hidden caves and burning bushes. I've once or twice looked up cheats or hints and then it all would come back in a foodflood of Nintendo thumb-injury memories.

Which leads me to the next gaming topic: Codes, hints, cheats and Easter Eggs. Do you remember any of those things from your old games (remember, we are dealing pre-PlayStation here)? I can recall almost every hidden item on Sonic, and the special button sequence from Sega's Aladdin that brought you to other levels. All those up, down, left, right movements just to get an extra coin or warp to another level or find the hidden fortress. Sometimes, there would be a nice surprise waiting for you when you used a code; a different color for your character, or a different character all together.

The codes and cheats are what made the games retain their excitement even after you beat them. I would always go back and play again just to see if I could stumble upon a secret goodie.

So, the big gaming question tonight is:

What's your favorite old school code, hint or cheat for video games that you can remember off the top of your head? Because I'm sure that somewhere in the brain of all of us gamers is a special spot where we store things like START, A, B, B, A, A, B, B.


The Konami Code:

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right A B Start.

That damned code did so many different things in so many games it was worth it by itself :-)

The magic pixel in Atari Adventure will always be special to me.

That pixel was my first ever hidden surprise in a video game. It should be in my hall of fame.

I think it goes something like this: if you turned the Atari 2600 on and hit the "start game" lever on the far right at the same time, your ship would shoot double bullets in Space Invaders.

I used to have a whole bunch of the fatalities and babalities for Mortal Kombat 2 on SNES memorized... but the only trick i can remember now is to get 30 credits while you were choosing your fighter... i think it was left up right down left select.

On the old genisis game "Target Earth", invincibility could be had by pressing the second controller's start button.

Konami code gets my favorite vote, as well.

Also, for the original zelda game, if you put in 'zelda' as your name, I believe it skipped you straight to the second world map and dungeons.

Also, in the first Zelda game, if you walked into the first dungeon, turned around and went out, and then went back in again, you'd end up with a key.

I SO want to be helpful here, but my only know-it-inside-out pre-Playstation game was Kid Icaarus for Nintendo, so I am worthless here. Excuse me now while I go play Tetrus on my X-Box, and cry into my cornflakes.

I'm a big fan of the Justin Bailey code for Metroid.

"I've once or twice looked up cheats or hints and then it all would come back in a food of Nintendo thumb-injury memories."

It came as a flood, but it was eaten as food, I bet.

My favorite: GABBAGABBAHEY (enabled cheats in the original Descent).

I remember an abbreviated form of the Konami code (UP DOWN UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT START), but I can't remember what game it goes with.

In more recent memory, "how do you turn this on" in Age of Empires 2.

If you hit the left hand ledge just right in Joust, you'd bounce across, and your ostrich warrior would squeeze through the gap in the two ledges on the opposite side of the screen. It was great for sneak attacks in two-player. Also, there was a sweet spot on the screen where you could hover and kill the pterodactyl every single time.

Vectorman's were pretty good:

ABBADABBA: Level select
ABRACADABRA: Full health
ABACAB: Reveal collision grid for player
CALLACAB: Cursorizes player (move anywhere)

Man, I miss that game.

Quote for the day:
"Ones who does not have triforce can't go in"

I found tons of stuff in SMB3 for the NES. My favorite was getting the first warp whistle: Go to the end of 1-3, just before the black, jump onto the big white block, crouch until you fall through it, then run like hell (without getting killed) to the end to find the hidden mushroom house. :)

Not a cheat, but something I just remembered that I used to do on the Super NES Zelda game (the one with the duck that would pick you up and fly you to a different location).

When the game starts, you can pick your own name, and so I always chose "DUDE" as my name. I got a kick out of talking to the various characters and having them tell me, "Dude! You got the lamp! Now you can light torches and see your way in darkness!"

Yes. I am easily amused.

Space Invaders on the Atari 2600. If you held down the reset lever when you turned the power on you got 2 shots instead of one. This was the cause of a massive thumb injury for me.

Mike Tyson's Punchout for the Original Nintendo:
007 373 5963 is the password to fight Mike directly, rather than go through every single fighter. It has been 14 years or so since I first learned that code and I have not forgotten it to this day!

I also admit to buying a Game Genie for the original Nintendo. You could get infinite lives, magic, potion, and top-of-the-line shields/swords, as well as an inexhaustible supply of rupees, arrows, and bombs for the Zelda games.

Then you could cakewalk your way through Hyrule.

It had codes for dozens of games; I used it on Castlevania, also. Never ran out of holy water - I'd play that game while listening to 'The Best of Queen' turned up LOUD.

Another game I liked it on was Lolo - a strange logic type of game....figure out how to move blocks to shield fire from enemies or freeze them long enough so you could open up treasure chests in the right order and make it safely to the door.