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i ♥ new york

Terror threats, heightened security, police snipers, bomb sniffers and fear. How do New Yorkers respond on New Year's Eve?

[Click for larger size. Photo Credit: AFP/Stan Honda]

With Orange Alert hats and American flags. Nothing like starting off the New Year by figuratively giving the finger to terrorism.

I still think people are insane for standing out in the cold for hours with millions of other drunk, smelly people. But with recent events considered, I'd have to say they are brave as well.


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That is so great.

At least it was in the 40's last night...wasnt it minus something a few years ago out there?

And whats the deal with Dick Clark....he seems to never get older....deal with the devil prehaps?

I was one of those brave souls who stood out in Times Square for New Year's 2002 for about 6-8 hours... It was worth it. ;-)

Hey, 40 degrees...that's nothing Michele. I worked outside one winter, where the average temp was around 10 degrees if not below zero a few times. My complexion was never better though.

Orange Alert hats

THAT'S what those were?? I noticed all the same-colored hats, but I didn't make a connection.

That is so fucking cool.

Hey ... I think I see Laurence there on the left ... the one in the orange hat ...

Heh - and giving the finger to Ridge, Ashcroft and their lackies as well. Fabulous.

Well said, Michele.

Funny, Joseph, but I don't see that finger raised to Ridge et al AT all. From what I have heard they all wanted exactly that, for people to go about their celebrations and have a great time....
Looks like they did and with some moxie too!

Well, on Sunday, I'll be out in the cold with a few thousand drunk Packers fans. And few things in life are better.

saw this, instantly "keep on rocking in the free world" started playing in my head, spent the entire Newyearsday with a big grin on my face.

You cant fall out of love with New York.

74 here today. You get even with me in July.

Happy New Year, y'all.