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Saying this once and once only. I will not respond to any emails that address this issue:

I am not "in a fight" with either Laurence or Meryl. I love Meryl like a sister and I love Laurence like the retarded brother I never had.

We have the ability to disagree strongly yet still remain friends. That's sort of the basis of a good friendship, I think.


Short Bus Simon...kinda has a ring to it....

That's good to hear. You don't seem the type to allow a disagreement to end a friendship.

people are really e-mailing you about this?
holy hell, all my online friends and I fight all the time, it's fun!!

maybe not them, but will you fight with me? i could use the hits.

hey! Faith No More sucks!

Creed rules! i can't even joke about that.

Have you seen my baseball?

Guess I have to tell some more anti-Semites that you are an honorary Jew so you can feel our pain better....(not)

Can Laurence sing the Burger King song?

amen to that, sister. this whole thing has gotten out of hand. I made mere reference to it on my blog and some feller named Keith decided to set me straight too (and here I had basically opted to sit on the fence!).
Disagreements are good, they open a forum to discussions that might not have taken place otherwise, but they need to be done intelligently and honestly. And without fear of being ostracized just for having an opinion that conflicts with someone else.
As I tried to point out to Keith, this situation is not black and white. And with me if you argue one side, I will argue the other. Both need to be understood and heard, and I certainly see arguments for both in this case.



and suprisingly, that is how grown ups are supposed to be.