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Let's move on to the pleasantries, shall we? I think I'll continue on with my listmaking.

Five Movies I Will See in 2004

1. SpongeBob SquarePants, The Movie [see the hilarious trailer here]
2. Garden State. I originally looked into this title because I thought it was a movie version of the Rick Moody book of the same name, which I enjoyed. It's not, but it still looks like a good movie, and it's got Natalie Portman.
3. Spiderman 2. Of course.
4. The Incredibles. It's Pixar, so everyone should see it.
5. Hellboy. Please, please, please do not ruin this one. Please.

[Yes, there are others, but these were the first five I could think of]

Five Movies I Will be Sure Not to See in 2004

1. Garfield
2. Scooby Doo 2
3. Star Wars Episode III (Ok, so that's 2005, I'm just getting my hate on in advance)
4. Dawn of the Dead. Why remake a classic?
5. Seed of Chucky. Please. Stop. Now.

Five DVDs I Will Buy in 2004

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm - The First Season
2. Ed Wood Special Edition
3. Comic Book - The Movie (this one is a bit confusing as some sites say it will be a theater release and some say it will be a DVD release)
4. Futurama Season 3
5. Simpsons Season 4 (assuming they release it)

The One Album I Will Buy Through Amazon So No One Knows I Bought it, Yet I Will Be Strangely Proud to Own it:

William Shatner, produced by Ben Folds, guest appearance by Henry Rollins. Read about this remarkable work in progress here [scroll down just a bit]

Five Things I Should Be Doing Right Now

No, nevermind. I'm going to finish Legend of Zelda.
1. Raft 2. Ladder 3. Red Candle 4. Potion 5. Magic Wand


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Seed of Chucky?


hellboy looks tasty.. but the idea of the seed of chucky makes me wanna puke. oi... i seen the garfield preview in the theater yesterday and i actually groaned because the cat looked so ridiculous.

I'm a huge fan of Ben Folds, and like many, I found it difficult to enjoy Fear of Pop Volume 1. However, the only track that I could stand listening to more than once was the one with Shatner "singing". So who knows...

The recently released EPs mentioned in the article are wonderful and highly recommended.

Rum Smuggler

I have to echo Laurence.

SEED of Chucky?? You have got to be kidding me

And let's not forget that Garfield has the Spawn of Satan, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

"New & Improved Chucky with Action-Spooge Penis!"

Ed Wood?!! AAARRRGH! More puppydog Johnny Depp? And my daughter wants to see Pirates of the Carribian! (she claims to have JD locked up in the basement!!) Itís enough to make a good conservative go bad.

The Ben Folds "Fear of Pop" album makes perfect sense once you realize it's a parody of the mid-career albums Art of Noise was putting out, complete with the Inappropriate Celebrity Guest Star. I will say that the Shatner tracks, "In Love" and "Still in Love," were the only Shatner recordings I've ever heard where it was obvious that everyone involved got the joke. Folds is recording a new Shatner album? I am so there.

1. I hated the Rick Moody novel Garden State. Absolutely hated it. Wanted to love it. Could not. Did not. I generally like Moody's writing. I like books about fictitious bands. I like books about New Jersey. This book, I hated. What did you love about it?

2. Are the Simpsons seasons really worth owning on DVD? I have resisted till now. But I am thinking I should get them.

3. Did you hear the Bens EP yet?

I have been waiting for Hellboy for years. I had Mike Mignola draw me a pic at a con years ago and have been in love since.
Oh please may it be good.

Speaking of Henry Rollins, I'm gonna get to see him do Spoken Word on 1/17 here in San Antonio.

I'll be very interested to see what he has to say about the time he spent in Afganistan.

I've seen Hellboy clips and rushes up at Dark Horse and it looks good.
Yes, it could still be ruined (never unbderestimate Hollywood) but I have a good feeling about it.