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this evening's medical advice

When fresh out of NyQuil, Sake makes an excellent substitute.


3 shotglasses of chilled sake = 2 tablespoons NyQuil


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However, one cannot buy sake at a 24-hour pharmacy at four in the morning after a Butthole Surfers concert, although I think you can in Tokyo.

Sake. Isn't that Japanese for rubbing alcohol?

Chilled sake!?

Look, the holidays have been hard on everyone. It's not just you. You've got a lot to live for -- don't do it!

(Didn't your mother tell you to drink sake warm?)

Yeah, but Nyquil tastes foul.

There are some sake's that are meant to be consumed chilled. A friend of mine from Japan gave me a bottle of the stuff, and hipped me to drinking it cold after I had already drank some heated (and commented that it didn't taste quite right).

Half a bottle of sake works better than NyQuil, but it does set you up for a visit from the sake monster, though.

I once read that you heat cheap sake but not good sake.