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spiteful and loyal are two different things

Many Iranians have shouted slogans or expressed signs for stating their gratitudes to the US and Israeli governments despite getting beaten up by the regime's security apparatus present to monitor these gatherings.

For those of you who would deny the survivors of the Bam earthquake aid from the U.S. because the Iranian government happens to be Jew-hating tyrants, keep the above statement in mind. The people are not necessarily the government and vice versa.

While I think the Iran regime's decision to not accept aid from Israel is deplorable, I really expected nothing less from them. However, that does not mean that we shouldn't come to the aid of those who need it. Bam is one of the poorest regions in Iran. These people are completely devasted. There are children who need food, elderly who need blankets, thousands who need blood. It's a bit sad that you would want to make their suffering worse by saying no to their pleas for help.

Iraq's former government was not exactly Israel-friendly. So why would you support the war against Iraq, support spending billions of U.S. money to bring democracy and peace to that country, yet deny these Iranians basic medical supplies?

We get it. You're virtuous. When you want to be, of course.


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When they allow MDA in, they get the relief I paid for.

Until then, it's just words as they squirm under their Mullah's bloodstained thumbs.

I see you missed the point entirely, Laurence.

Hm. Looks like someone has been eating Misplaced Anger Pie. DISCLAIMER: Of course, I believe that everyone is free to donate to whatever cause or charity they want for whatever reasons they want. Still -- the indigestion!

I'm certainly not surprised that they turned down the Israeli help, but I am surprised they allowed the USA to send aid and rescue teams.

You've nailed it, Michele. If the US (and its allies) makes the people suffer for the sins of their governing oppressors, then we've lost all perspective on what the phrase 'humanitarian aid' means. Not to mention the fact that -- in a very Realpolitik sense -- we would be adding to their victimhood, and therefore placing ourselves in no position to claim any sort of moral high ground.

I wish I could see the world exclusively in black and white. It must be so comforting to give one's brain 23 hours of rest each day. (I'm assuming that shaving and reading 'Marmaduke' requires that 24th hour...)

I totaly agree with you Michele, but you're dealing with people -- like Laurence -- who hate without giving it any thought. To folks like him (and many of the kids over at Little Green Footballs too) there is no distinction made between a government and its people. Just the fact that 20,000 Iranians tragically died gives them glee. If they truly thought of the victims as people, the cognitive dissonance would be too much for them to bear.

In any case, thanks for the links to various relief organizations. Every little bit helps.

My comment was directed at Laurence, by the way. Sorry, Laurence, but you are wrong on this one. Direct the ire at the mullahs, who seem to care more about their purity than about the lives of their people. (By the way, Stan, I don't think that Laurence "hate(s) without giving it any thought." Don't be simplistic.)

Okay, he hates with very little thought. But if you want to see hatred with almost no thought, check out some of the comments on this LGF thread:


To many of these folks, all that matters is there are now a bunch of dead Iranians. Sorry, but that's called thoughtless in my book.

Stan: who wants to see a bunch of hate? I never said I wanted to see any such thing. Also: why are you changing the subject. "Oh -- okay, this person isn't (something) but these people are!" doesn't mean anything except that you, for some reason, are out to find someone to get angry at. It looks like Laurence isn't the only one who has eaten a slice or two of Misplaced Anger Pie.

Like the Frog Marxist told his freind who was giving money to a beggar, 'Don't delay the revolution.'

I have to say I'm with Lair on this. How much of the donated money, food, medical supplies, and aid is actually going to go to the people who need it? With the Mullahs in the way, most if not all of the goodwill of the world will be squandered. Take a look at the PLO or Solomnia if you want to see how much your dollar goes to help those in need. Tons of food and billions of dollars have gone to help the people who are suffering under those regimes, but I doubt that even 10% of it has reached the homeless and hungry.
It's sad, but it's the Arab way.
I say, arm the Red Cross and deliver aid to those in need, and deny it to all others. By force if need be.

No Andrea, I was just agreeing with what Michele orignally stated: That there are people out there who hate the Irani government so much that they're willing to let Iranis suffer from quake damage. When I simplified Laurence's hate by calling him thoughtless, you called me on it. I restated my position on him, but reiterated that they're plenty more out there that fit that description. And yes, that makes me angry, so much so that I donated to the Red Cross/Red Crescent today.

And if that's misplaced anger, so be it.

Oh yay! So you're adding to the Acid Reflux Feast too! So soon it will be a full table. [end sarcasm]

You know, if you want a more reasonable position to take anti-aid (not that I am suggesting that you do -- you have the perfect right to be an angry reaction-bunny if you like) then "Dr. Schlocktopus" (hi Lair! I can do that thingie with my mouse you know) has now presented one: the money and aid may just not find its way to the people who need it, since they have a terror-sponsoring government in the way. But of course this only illustrates that the correct target for any anger is not the unfortunate victims who had their unstable homes crash down on top of them. If there is any way of getting aid to them without letting the mullahs divert it to Hezbullah or someone then it should be taken. Honey vs. vinegar, you know.

While I think the Iran regime's decision to not accept aid from Israel is deplorable, I really expected nothing less from them.

You know, that is the part that I am just not getting. I keep reading everyone expressing this shock along with the heaping cupfuls of outrage, and I'm thinking, "what part of 'Mullah-ocracy' did you not understand?"

It is not the people of Iran's fault that this is so.

If there is any way of getting aid to them without letting the mullahs divert it to Hezbullah or someone then it should be taken.

The Eyeranian Blogger gave his endorsement to Mercy Corps, I believe. He had the same concerns about where the aid would wind up if given via the Red Cross/Red Crescent that Dr. Schlocktopus has.

Um, Andrea, Dr. S is another contributor to Lair's site. They're not the same person.

Andrea jumping to conclusions? Never

It's ok, we get that a lot. Funny thing is, I look nothing like Lair, nor do I write in the same style or make the same grammatical errors. I also bake on average 100% less bread.

Dr. Shlocktopus: but you use the same font! (In other words, exqueeze me, I had no idea that Amish Tech Support was now two or more contributors. I have a very long blogroll and I've not kept up with my studies of Who's Who in the blogoversity.)

Jay: who the fuck are you and why should I care what you think?

My conclusion? Some of you sailors need to unclench your buttocks just a tad.