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I had nothing to do with this

Ohhh...so close. Yet so far.

I swear, I have not had voodoo relations with that man George Steinbrenner.


But can you say it wasn't a 'ooo! ooo! ooo!' moment?

Just turn over the voodoo doll and no one gets hurt.

Finally, something in the world of baseball that Yankee fans and Red Sox fans can agree on.

Saddam, Libya, almost got George. This ex-Yankee fan was hoping for more good news.

After Godzilla, I started rooting for the Dodgers, where I live. I just couldn't take it any more.

Gary Sheffield? I hated him here in LA and I hope he flattens Georges' EKG.

I had been rooting for the Yanks since I started Little League in 1972 in Princeton, NJ when the Yanks were more famous for wife swapping than winning... can you say Mike Kekich? Jerry Kenny? Horace Clarke?

Got a new Yankees cap for Christmas from the wife. Maybe that will break the WS losing streak (that and George getting whacked by someone, like you perhaps, wouldn't hurt either).