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Lists of Five: 2003 Edition

I decided to make some year end lists just to annoy Gary.

I'm doing them in the List of Fives tradition.

Five Movies I Really Enjoyed
1. Winged Migration [Originally released in 2001, but I only saw it this year]
2. Kill Bill
3. Finding Nemo [Which I enjoyed more the more I watched it]
4. Once Upon A Time in Mexico
5. Pirates of the Carribean

Five TV Shows I Actually Made A Point To Watch

1. Six Feet Under
2. Carnivale
3. The Simpsons
4. Adult Swim [Lots of tv shows that I will count as one because I can]
5. The Saddam Gets Checked For Lice Show

Five Bands That I Used to Like, Who Put Out Releases in 2003 Which I Couldn't Care Less About

1. Korn
2. Staind
3. Metallica
4. Led Zeppelin
5. Radiohead

Five CDs the Daughter Has That Make Me Want to Destroy Her Stereo

1. Kelly Clarkson
2. Ruben Stoddard
3. Clay Aikens
4. American Idols Sing the Something or Other
5. Dashboard Confessional

Five People Who Should Not Have TV Shows But For Some Inexplicable Reasons, They Do and People Watch Them

1. Paris Hilton
2. Ashton Kutchner
3. Shannen Doherty
4. That Hilfiger Chick and Her Friend
5. Bill O'Reilly

You know what? There's more where this came from. I'll be here all weekend. Feel free to add your own Lists of Five.


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I caught the last 30 minutes of "Winged Migration" a few weeks ago (on HBO?), and was entranced...can't wait to see the whole thing.

Birds make me smile.

Maybe I should round out my previous list with four more lists, so I will have five lists of five:

Five famous people I have seen in person:
1. John F. Kennedy, Sr.
2. Al Sharpton
3. Tom Ridge
4. Mariska Hargitay
5. Pope John Paul II

Five favorite movies:
1. Star Wars (the original one, when it was just called Star Wars)
2. Saving Private Ryan
3. Saving Grace (the 1985 one with Tom Conti)
4. Man for All Seasons
5. Star Trek IV

Five people whose names I'd like to see in a headline, followed by the words "died suddenly of natural causes"
1. Hillary Clinton
2. Bill Clinton
3. Michael Moore
4. Susan Sarandon
5. Kim Jong Il

Five bloggers I'd like to meet in person:
1. Michele Catalano
2. James Lileks
3. Steven Den Beste
4. Glenn Reynolds
5. Donald Sensing

Ugh. About that last category there Michele, I'd have to put O'Reilley at 1, 2, 3, 4, AND 5. What a pissy little wanker. He's my Ann Coulter.

No 'Two Towers' or did you see it in 2002?

The Zeppelin disks were something fans needed--a real live album from when they ruled the rock world. Granted it's long in places (I do skip over the 19 minute rendition of "Moby Dick), but for those of us too young (Michele included) to appreciate their power, "How the West Was Won" is a godsend.

I appreciate the downgrading of my age, Sean, but I was a Zep fan way back from their powerful days as rock icons. I love them then - I care a lot less for them now.

Though if someone put the new album on while I was in the room I would probably end up not only enjoying it, but enjoying the flashbacks as well.

You mean my wife, son, and I were not the only people in the country to watch Winged Migration?!? We bought the DVD for our son and we were all entranced and delighted with the movie. I guess that's what happens when your wife works with birds for a living. Thanks for the idea of lists of five! Will have to do the same over at Certus Veritas. Keep up the good work.