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in which i assume the role of Link for the foreseeable future

I love my GameCube. You may never hear from me again. I'll be stuck in front of the tv, going through all the old Sonic and Zelda games. When I'm done with those I'll tackle all the new stuff.

Just wanted to drop in for a moment to say that Christmas is going swimmingly - the kids said it's been their best Christmas ever and it's been pretty swell for the husband and I as well (I even got a Christmas greeting from Mr. Lileks - though he does refer to me and several others as imaginary). Except for my laryngitis, which I suppose is a nice present for the rest of my family.

Hope you're all having a peaceful day. Now if only I could remember the exact path I used to take in Legend of Zelda.


merry christmas.

Not to mention that he misspelled your name... But hey, a link is a link.

(Continue to) Have a Merry Christmas!

I had to look it up, but I used to have it memorized. North, West, South, West.

Nice to know the spammers don't even take a break on Christmas Day -- sheesh!

Have fun with the GameCube -- I fully expect my better half to be parked out with Pac Man, Dig Dug, and Pole Position on his soon... :-) Merry Christmas!

Glad the Game Cube is working out. At to think you have next week off...Zelda and 3 a.m. cant be beat

ah...north west south west to the cemetary and the GOOD sword, and then over to the rocks to find the hidden treasure there.

I loved that game!!! Now I can't wait for Anna to get it; hope it's still available with the old games on it!

Super Monkeyball 2. Because nothing beats flying monkeys.

Me unspell right? Unpossible.

I wish I could say we were having a peaceful day here in Las Vegas. Nellis Air Force base has been on Bravo alert since Christmas Eve, thanks to a report that says that one of the grounded Air France flights was intending to crashland into Las Vegas.

I visit you every day without fail, MicheLe. Usually the very first place I go.
Best wishes to you and yours!
(I'm only secretly a little bit in love with you, I just love stron women)

Great day for gaming... I got Intellivision Lives for the PS2 and spent half the day playing Astrosmash. :)

Merry Christmas!

Several Christmases ago, when we got my son his first console system (an N64), I agreed to the purchase on the condition that we buy one game that I could play...which, after much research, I decided would be "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time." I got past the second boss and then started graduate school. Don't ever go to grad school when you have some serious gaming to do...it really kills the fun because of the constant guilt factor (as in "I really should be studying right now").

Anyhow, I'm glad to hear you're having a wonderful holiday, Michele. Ours has been a lot of fun too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you crazy New Yorkers, and here's hoping we get some snow down here in Atlanta before the winter ends.