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george, adam and me

Yes, I'm still here. Thanks for the concerned emails but, no, I did not get arrested for beating up other shoppers at Target, nor did I finally have that nervous breakdown. Just very busy.

And I got a Christmas present for my blog:


It's official. This blog is officially voting for Bush next year. Unless, of course, something drastic happens, like we find out that all those people were right and he really is the anti-christ, and then it won't really matter who I vote for because we're all pretty much fucked, no?

Anyhow. Today is a little-known holiday. Back about five years ago, I was explaining the concept of Christmas Eve to the son. He thoughtfully rubbed his chin and said, hmmm...if Tuesday is Christmas Eve then Monday must be Christmas Adam!

And now, every December 2223 we celebrate Christmas Adam by going out for ribs.

So Happy Christmas Adam, everyone. Go offer your partner an apple and see what happens.


That is so cute. Merry Christmas Adam to you and yours, and thank you for voting for Bush.

That is the sweetest thing! I'll have to include that in my own holiday festivities.... yum. Ribs.

Not to be an asswipe editor type,but don't you mean Dec 23?Ok,shoot me now

Celebrating Christmas Adam with ribs. I love it. I guess you will spend the whole EVEning on those lost ribs - at least as long as you are ABEL to.

(sorry that I couldn't find a way to work Cain in there)

Even my skeptical/non commental Joe took notice of this post:)...doesn't mean anything to you, but it actually means something...
Can we just clebrate with the pork chops already on the grill?....I'm far too beyond starving to thaw ribs!
In spirit, SondraK

Your blog is registered to vote?

Well, we are talking about the Nassau Republicans, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised....

I thought the 23rd was Festivus?

Geeky useless trivia: In one episode of M*A*S*H, Hawkeye (Alan Alda) is tired of the mess tent serving nothing but liver and fish, and so he goes on a tirade to get some new food. When he's told that he's the one who has to be in charge of getting the new dish, he makes a call to the states . . . to a place called Adam's Ribs!

So, perhaps even Christmas Adam already has its own Christmas special!

Couldn't you go for Libermann? You'd still be voting Republican...