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happiness is....

Having bosses who know that cash is the perfect holiday gift.


If that's happiness, then I'm doomed!

I've been in "happiness" since last week.

Damn straight! Well, that and a $50 Borders gift card.

My boss gave me the second-best gift: chocolate.

No, REAL happiness is a boss that gives you a combination cooler/cup holder/AM/FM radio with wheels and extendable handle. I nearly swooned.

Hey Dad! Guess what you're getting for Christmas!

Hell, that is a pretty cool gift, Matt. Pewrfect for fishing.

Funny you should mention that, Joseph. I'm giving it to my dad for just that reason.

I've been a happy man since last Friday. Got all holiday shopping (for others) on Saturday. I'm still eyeballing some selfish presents today.

Guess I should wait 'til after Christmas Day just so I don't double up.

That's the same problem I'm having, Easycure. $75 in Borders cards and keeping from using them before Thursday.

For once I got lucky. I got cash AND a bottle of expensive Russian vodka.

And all I got was a damn furlough day. I'm jealous! ;)

... AND a bottle of expensive Russian vodka.

Alcohol: the third-best gift.

(I got white wine, and I prefer red, but hey -- it's the thought that counts, right?)

One boss gave me an actual %*#& fruitcake, another gave me money. Guess who's doing her own typing next year?

Imperial Keeper