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stupid broken alarm clock

Of course, I'm running late again. But what do you need me for? Lileks is back to blogging, which makes him a copycat, because I came off of my Lileks-type hiatus before he did. I bet he was afraid I would steal all of his traffic.

Yes, I'm still feeling delusional.


Michele, I wish I'd seen this post half an hour earlier. I saw it, and realized my wife's doctor's appointment was in five minutes and she was still asleep.

Her alarm clock's not broken, she just didn't set it -- figuring, I guess, that 8:15 a.m. was plenty late enough for her to be awake and ready.

So if she's late it's all your fault because I had to work my way through a bunch of previous posts to reach this one.

Yeah, that's the ticket.

And I'm late for the dentist! Reading your blog is so much more interesting! :)