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it's beginning to look a lot like a mental breakdown

So. Very. Tired.

Bordering on delerious.

Monkey Balls. I need Monkey Balls. 1 or 2. Walking into six, seven, eight stores. Ask "Do you have Monkey Balls?"

Hahahaha. I don't have Monkey Balls! Balls, get it? Hahaha.

Kick salesboy in nuts.

Must. Have. Monkey Balls.

Excedrin. Sleep. Never go to Best Buy again. Line long. Very long. Around the store long. Recording of Babs Streisand singing Jingle Bells. Must never hear that version again. My ears, they burn.

No Fargo. No Angel Season 1. No Double Dash. Everything on list: No. No. No. No.

Sob. Fall on floor. Go into fetal position. Scream about Super Monkey Ball. Santa wacks me on head with Slayer boxset. No, Santa. Please don't hurt me. I'll be good.


So very tired.


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If you didn't live three states away, I'd say we were in the same store today.

I went into Best Buy, picked up some stuff, saw the line, set it down somewhere random and left. The end. I'll go back tomorrow before lunch.

Do you need me to try and find it here? I do live in the middle of nowhere...and will be out tomorrow... I could overnight it if you're really that desperate. :-)

I had to buy Monkeyball at a Gamer resale shop because i could not find the first one any other way.

I would hand you my copy of Super Monkey Ball 2 gratis were you not something like eight states away- I didn't care for it at all.


Good gods, you're probably in bed already...I ordered the damned thing last week and it shipped on Friday, est. delivery 24th. Can you live that long?

And thanks so much for ruining the surprise! :)

Monkey balls? I think I'd look at you strange if you walked into my store looking for those, too.

I spent a lovely evening at Best Buy tonight.
Let's just say, I know wherefrom your pain springs.

I find it odd that someone as in touch with the 'Net as you is actually buying from a bricks and mortar outfit like BestBuy. Especially for something like DVDs etc. Last minute thing, I guess. But I feel your pain, I did the same getting a LOTR DVD set for my mother this past weekend.

I have found that long lines tend to be the best place to play with my GBA. (Damn FFTA) :)

Michele, you certainly have a talent for writing humor!

As for the Monkey Balls thing, you might want to be carefull. If you keep going around asking for "monkey balls" you'll get on PETA's hit list.

i have monkey balls cough on my cell phone

yeah, but how's the Slayer boxed set??? Is it worth it if you have the other CD's??

On behalf of Best Buy, I apologize. I don't work in a store there, I just fix their registers, but I just know we could organize that line better. I've stood in it twice already this season.