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mmmm... donuts for soldiers

On this third day of Hannukah, I would like to continue with what I hope becomes an annual tradition. Today, I start the Second Annual Pizza for IDF Drive.

Last year's drive was such a rousing success (we raised over $1,000 for pizza) that Tanya and I are at it again. As you can see from the Pizza IDF page, your money will go towards supplying Israeliesoldiers with pizza, donuts and soda. You can see from last year's photographs and letters how much this effort is appreciated. Also read this letter from Sara, who helped deliver donuts to the soldiers last year.

It will be a little easier for you to donate this time around. Karen from Pizza IDF has set up a special page so you can donate directly without going through PayPal.

If you would like to make Hannakuh a bit nicer for some Israeli soldiers, just go to that page to donate. If you are unable to donate now but want to help in another way, just grab one of the logos below (save to your own server please) and let your readers know about it, or send out a few emails to friends.

1df2.gif idf1.gif

Please link the buttons to this page.


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