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things that make you go hmmmm

I had this weird dream last night. I was at Wrigley field. We were allowed to go on the field and run the bases. I was rolling around on third base and someone kept saying "Tinkers, to Evans, to Chance." And every time he said "Chance" the guy on second base threw the ball to me and I either ducked or missed it on purpose or just couldn't catch it.

I have a feeling this requires an analysis.


It means with you on the field the Cubs don't have a Chance.

<ducks and runs>

Oh this one is simple, you're dreaming that you were Bartman...who couldn't catch the evil, cursed, foul-ball that cost the Cubs their shot snicker...but you're a Yankees fan. Why the heck are you dreaming about the Cubs though?

Of couse if you'd caught the ball and muffed to throw to first I'd say you're having naughty dreams about Steve Sax.

Or Chuck Knoblauch.