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Happy Hannukah


Meryl, Allison, Barbara, Lewis, Lair, Faith and all my Jewish friends and readers and fellow bloggers.


Thank you, Michele. And a Merry Christas to you and yours.

And a gut yuntif to you.

Cool! :)

I am not sure of the spelling but...


er, something like that! Happy Channukah!

Thanks Michele. Hag Sameach

Happy Hannukah and Holidays to our number one honorary tribe member!

Chag Sameach! :-D

Ug, our resident Jew at Dodgeblogium was suppose to put something up about Hannukah... We are late, but happy Hannukah to all of Dodgeblogium's friends and blogger collegues.

Maybe I'd get a candle on another night?


Thanks, Michelle -- Happy holidays to you and yours, too!