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proof there is no god

Right here.


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I'm in the "simultaneous green-lighting of Scooby Doo 2 and 3" school of atheism.

AAUUGGHHH!! They should release it in OCTOBER as a horror movie.

that's not proof that there is no God. that's just proof that if there is a God, he's evil.

I think it will be ok so long as it is the old school Garfield from when it was first being written.

The horror.

I wonder if there will be references to lasagna...

I love Garfield! Booyah!!!!!!! :-D

I'm with Mikey. No God who loves mankind would allow this.

Steve, how can there not be at least one reference to lasagna in a Garfield movie?

Riyadh delenda est!

Add what I saw for a preview of "The Mask 2" and you've got a nice little Apocalypse brewing. shudder

Good god, I just watched the trailer...It's odd that Bill Murray is doing the voice, since Lorenzo Music did the voice of Bill Murray's character in the animated "Ghostbusters" show and "Garfield". Now Murray's doing Garfield. My head is going to explode now...

All that proves is that there is no known limit to the depravity of Hollywood executives.

Michele, you should do a dark little Garfield spoof of some kind to coincide with the release of this giant tub of homogenized lard. ;-)

How about a movie called Osama?

Tagline "In order to save her family, she became a boy"
No, I'm not making it up, I'm not that funny.

This is just wrong...

This proves that Satan exists, not that there is no God. God's grace allows us to ignore it--or, at least, avoid it.

Steve of Norway---Lorenzo is, uh, otherwise engaged.

The Day the Music Died.

I'm with DBrooks on this one...although I must confess, it has shaken my faith considerably.

For the love of God...DON'T WATCH THE TRAILER!!!


Oh, what happened to Jennifer Love Hewitt...she seemed destined for stardom....oh wait...oops!

This seems so inaccurate about Garfield. These new up-to-date twists are foolish. Why not just make a movie about Get Fuzzy, which would be a riot.

Can anyone make a movie that's not based on any other piece of media? Is it even possible anymore?

Other than Pixar, that is. They seem to be the only ones who are actually writing their own stories from scratch.

I saw the poster for this when I went to see LOTR:ROTK, and got very, very scared. Then again, I also saw that Mask 2 trailer and wanted to shoot myself. Twice.

What is the world coming to again?

Mask 2?
I'm betting that'll be a friggin' masterpiece compared to those Scooby Doo sequels coming down the pike.

One movie to rule them all,
One movie to find them;
One movie to bring them all
And in the darkness blind them,


I'm an avid Garfield collector, but the movie doesn't look all that appealing. I mean, he's a fat, lazy cat, and the trailer shows him dancing all over creation. Lies, I tell you, lies!!! :)

At least the new Spider-Man trailer is up and Mary Jane Watson still isn't wearing a bra.