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breaking: imminent threat to NYC

U.S. intelligence has received information about a credible and imminent threat to New York City, ABCNEWS has learned.Sources say the threat involves a suicide bomber, possibly a female. The information was received through communication intercepts, and no specific target has been identified. Discussions between local and federal law enforcement officials are currently under way to develop a response.

Trying to find other sources. So far, only ABC has it.

Saw it on OW first.

UPDATE: They've now added the phrase "and other cities" to the warning:

In the past 48 hours, there has been an increase in terrorist threats to a number of cities in the U.S., including New York City, Los Angeles and Washington D.C., ABCNEWS has learned.

It sounds less imminent and specific than it did twenty minutes ago.


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Bad link - http://abcnews.go.com/sections/us/World/threat_newyork_031219.html

Now they're adding "New York City, Los Angeles and Washington D.C." to the list.

I just read a story that says its connected to Hannukah (sundown tonight, I believe).

"a possible female"

It's you, isn't it. Go ahead, you can tell us.

Checking Google News, I noticed that many seem to have picked up on the drop of the dollar concerning the terrorist threat, but there's little on the terrorist threat itself.

It should start spreading, as Reuters seems to have picked up the threat story.

Little Green Footballs has been posting chatter from Islamist bullitin boards saying the same for weeks now. Apparently Al Qaeda has been warning the faithful to leave those cities.

Josh, I'd noticed the similarity to those warnings. But their date for those warnings was thought to be during Ramadan.

There's recently been some chatter about an new ObL tape due, possibly connected with a new attack. What I'm hearing is that ABC's warning is due to a spike in "chatter" in the past day or so. That might (or might not) mean anything. Could be psyops directed at us or could be real.

According to the article government officials aren't meeting until Monday about this matter. Apparently it's not an immediate problem? Here I was all ready to run over and check our bulletin board where they display the current homeland security level.

Now they're trying to downplay it. Maybe there's not as much to it as previously thought? Or maybe they're just trying to keep people from panicking? You make the call!

"First reports are always wrong."

Actually, first reports aren't always wrong. We thought that originally, but it turned out later that wasn't quite true.

1. fill the car with gas

2. load up all magazines

3. go to work guarding Air Base as usual

... just another day, no news from my sources.

Kim - I thought the same thing - "it's imminent, but let's meet on Monday - I have tickets to the 9pm showing of Return of the King tonight and I really love that Frodo."

What was disturbing to me is, living 13 miles outside of NYC, is that as usual the Feds, or some "intelligence source" has said that something might happen, and NYC Police come out and say they have no reports of that nature. Hellooooooo? Are we on the same planet here?