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Gaming: retrocrush invaded my mind!

I swear, I was going to do this same contest. I even had 10 screenshots saved already. Just ask Todd. I told him about it two weeks ago.

It's a hard contest. Out of the 40 screenshots, I think I recognized only 12 immediatley. I have to study the rest. How did you do?

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A lot tougher than I imagined. I think I got 10 - though I was proud that I recognized Punch-Out based on the crowd between the ring ropes (#19). Sadly, I can't remember the name of #25, and I loved playing that game.

I only got 5. Number 26 is driving me crazy, though.

You know, I messed up on the numbers - when I said #25, I meant #29.

AB, looking at #26, I seriously think that's "Skate or Die!"

I am so ashamed. I think I only got 8 total. I blame the lack of arcades in my area during my youth for this. (stupid growing up area thing)

I suck. Maybe 5, with another half dozen I recognize but can't name. A youth spent playing video games with nothing to show for it! Who'd have thought?

What is #40? I should know it, and it's driving me crazy.

Wow, I did better than I thought. I got 23 off the top of my head, and recognized about 11 more.

#26 is 'Paperboy' actually.
And I think #40 is 'Gravitar', I could be wrong.

I never played arcade games.


So I did, but all I got was a moist monitor. What was supposed to happen?

Post like these make me feel so old. When my sons come home for Christmas next week (25 & 21 years old), I'll have them check this site out - I bet they'll get all of the games between the two of them.

I played Zelda - the first two versions, then the Super Nintendo and then 64 versions. I also kicked butt on Tetris. One of my favorite games was something called Lolo, a logic game rather than a fight-the-end-boss over and over and over again type of game. When the boys were little, they inherited their cousin's Atari system and that's when I got hooked on Centipede.

Now my 13 year old daughter plays - she's got the old Nintendo systems, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, plus a Playstation 2 - the favorite game among her group is "Kingdom Hearts". She is saving up for an X-Box - she wanted to have me buy her one now in order to get the special game pack that they are offering but she's going to have to wait till the Christmas money kicks in from the relatives.

Her brothers are having a hard time believing that she really is into playing just as much as they were....I tried my best not to raise chauvinists, I swear. But I know when they are all here next week that at least two TV's in the house will be devoted 24/7 to gaming!

I managed to get 16 on my first pass through. Had it not been for MAME, I would have done considerably worse, however.