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too tired for compete sentences

Work. Costco. Target. Wrap teacher presents. Make festive Hannukah dessert platters for bosses' families. Run into boss at Costco while shopping for his present. Take crapload of consumer goods out of car and into house. Put crapload of consumer goods away. Uh oh. Book report due tomorrow. Rehash Charlotte's Web. Need shower. Need coffee. Need sleep. Stress over football picks. Ninth place, money in sight, time to choke. Check suggestions for Dad's present. Check prices for 20 year old single malt scotch. Point and laugh at $285 price tag. Think Jagermeister. Remember puke-covered sneakers. Forget Jagermeister. Just joking anyhow. A-Rod still not in Boston. Breathe sigh of relief. Blister on palm of hand from pushing shopping carts too long. Make rum and coke. Make rum and rum and coke. Please stop playing the guitar. Please. Head explode. Wish for coma.

Christmas with Ronnie James Dio. Could get into that. Is it January yet?


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either you read my mind, or we seem to share similar shopping experiences.

Last year some friends moved ,and they had a bottle of brandy that had been opened so they asked me if I wanted to have it.I hadn't had brandy since my Wisconsin days so I did.It was very nice,and when I finished it I went to the store to buy another bottle,and,like you,pointed and laughed at the $345 price.Had I known that I may have sipped a little slower.

That was pretty cool! I always wondered what it would be like if Tarzan wrote a blog.

Michele, if you're looking for a good single-malt scotch, try Lagavulin for about $40-50. It's extremely peaty and full of seaside character. Though it's only 10 years old (yep, 10), scotch doesn't need to be as old as your hubby to be great (sorry, couldn't resist)...

Here's wishing you a nice potent eggnog and "The Man on the Silver Mountain" baby!