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Bill O'Reilly: His rantings are insaaaaaaaane!

O'Reilly, pissed off that Matt Drudge actually had the audacity to print Bookscan sales figures that showed O'Reilly lagging behind Hilary and Franken, took to the airwaves to air his grievances, a la Festivus:

On his show, O'Reilly called Drudge a "threat to democracy."

On Imus's radio show, O'Reilly said: "There is no other cure than to kill Matt Drudge," and "I just want to tell everybody that Matt Drudge is smoking crack - right now, in South Miami Beach on Washington Avenue... And the authorities should know it."

Uh oh. Looks like somebody's ego has been bruised.

Note to O'Reilly: See your doctor immediately.


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The first time O'Reilly went off on Drudge, I believed it. But since his totally unconvincing "feud" with Al Franken, I've decided this is all just self-promotion, and Franken, at least, goes along for the publicity.

Furthermore, I've decided the radio-show "leak" was orchestrated and O'Reilly went off about it to help draw more attention to it.

This last one, I am convinced, is aimed at increasing O'Reilly's books ales.

Bill, let me explain something to you: Shut up!

Hey, Bill, we'll call the WAHmbulance and tell them to bring some cheese for you to have with your whine.

Me, I'm still looking for that "Westbury section of Levittown"....

Thlayi -

I think it's a five centimeter spot off of Newbridge Road right before Hicksville. It's the address people use when they want to appear to be white upper middle class instead of just plain old middle class like the rest of us in that area.

I really despise Franken....but O'Rielly is an even worse egomaniac. His show can be entertaining and even informative, but the man is Kukoo for Cocca Puffs.

Talking about murdering someone, especially when one is a celebrety with (inexplicably) adoring fans is tremenously irresponsible. If some O'Rielly fan takes a shot at Drudge it will be his fault.

FOX should have fired this imbecille over the Franken suit.

Too funny! O'Rielly is a big piece of shit and hates it when confronted with the fact that he is a big piece of shit.

Fuck this authoritarian piece of shit who pretends like he stands up for anyone but himself.

This is a fake feud in attempt to boost his book sales.

It's really pathetic that he is lauded to be the zenith of conservative talk-hosts. He really fuels the flames of partisan politics and I think that his caustic comments and inability to actually listen in debate should of been rewarded with not only the usual kick in the pants, but also with some sort of educational material that can show him the benefits of closing his mouth.

But then again, getting Bill O'Reilly to read Lao Tzu is much like herding cats while laying down on the couch and yelling "Hey!"

Love the Crazy Eddie reference.

OK, I really need to know the answer to this:

Is it possible to smoke crack?

Someone told me you don't smoke crack, so now Im worried about looking like an idiot everytime I use the phrase. :-)

Jeef, O'Reilly isn't really a conservative, he's more a populist, which is somewhat odd considering that he's an egomaniac.
It's easy to make the mistake, anyone in the media to the right of Vladimir Lenin is considered 'conservative'.
It's kind of like our beloved Michele being attacked by the DU types as a right winger.
I suspect that Mr. O'Reilly's main problem with Drudge comes from three sources, all within O'Reilly. Number one, Drudge is an amatuer who regularly gets a story out before the 'professional' O'Reilly. Number two, O'Reilly is a homophobe (not a conservative position, BTW).
Lastly Drudge won't kiss O'Reilly's um, ring, yeah, that's it, ring.

Yes, smoking is the most effective way to consume cocaine, regardless of its form. Crack only comes in little rocks, having been produced from powered cocaine. It's particularly well-suited to smoking, as it takes heat to release the active compounds.

You can snort or inject powered cocaine, and even smoke it too. Smoking a drug delivers its dose to the brain faster than any other delivery method. Not even injecting the drug will create the desired effect as fast. The difference is nil. Maybe 11 seconds for injection, less than 7 seconds smoked, if memory serves. But hey, who keeps a watch around when they're doing lines of go go dust?

I actually watched the interview.
(don't throw rocks, I'm an insomniac who has 200 channels of nothing to watch at 3am)

He went waaaay beyond just bashing Drudge, he basically bashed bloggers/the internet as a whole as being a threat to Democracy...you know, No editors, can post any horrific lie they want without being accountable to anyone... blah blah blah.

Heaven forbid! People speaking without an editor! (gasp, horror!)

He compared what's posted on Drudge, to what's posted on Michael Moores site. riiight.

To me it spoke more of someone who is feeling just a tad threatened, than someone with a bruised ego.

Wouldn't it be fun to see a Drudge vs O'Rielly fight? Maybe someone could suggest it for MTV's 'Celebrity Death Match'. Or maybe a nice flash movie.

O'Rielly is a IRA-loving egomaniac fool.

I don't trust Drudge, he didn't put Savage on the list and I know it sold enough to be number 10.

I suspect that O'Reilly was trying to be humorous with the "threat to democracy" and "kill Drudge" comments -- a little holiday hyperbole.

reads thread with one eyebrow raised

I can't believe that O'Reilly actually thinks he's above everyone else - I'm sure there's stuff he rants and raves about without any "editor" actually greenlighting. He doesn't care about anything except his own agenda.

Peter, thanks for clearing that up. I'm not really anti-conservative or anything, as I have a smorgasbord of very intelligent and friendly conservative friends. I'm more of the neutral Libertarian type guy.

O'Reilly...is...well...I think the other comments speak for themselves.