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there you go a-rod, there you go!

Hey, if you are in the NY area and you're pissed at Major League Baseball Players Union for nixing the A-Rod deal, there's a protest going on right now.

May I just say one thing?

Mwahahahhahahahah! As if I would attend, Dave. I'm throwing a celebration today!

[I know, it's not completely nixed yet - they have until 6pm today to work something out. I'm starting my countdown now]


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Thanks, Michele! Since I'm team neutral, I see this as more a baseball issue than a team issue, but I understand why you might like the decision. :-)

The retribution shall be as severe as it is glorious.

Permit Allah to say in his best Charles Bronson voice: "This ain't over yet, pally."

The union's stance is bad for all of baseball including the Yankees.

I'm actually thinking of dropping out and saying to hell with being a fan anymore.

If you make $25MILLION a year, guaranteed, why in the world do you even NEED a union? Or have a sham known as a collective bargaining agreement, when you sure as heck don't collectively bargain?

Actually, this is a union decision that is good for baseball, especially the players.

If teams can rework contracts that don't benefit the players, then they're not worth the paper they're printed on.

The players union gave the Red Sox a deal. If they want A-Rod that bad, they should take it. Nobody's going to tell me that the Bosox are balking over a few million.

And Bud Selig sticking his nose in and siding with the owners, is just another in a long line of examples of why this man is unfit to be baseball commissioner.

I was glad that the union was there to look after the common worker.


If a player wants to agree to a contract that pays him less money, why should the union object? Is it bad for all players? The original contract was bad for baseball in general but did the union care about that?

Baseball contracts are guaranteed. Management can't rework anything on their own. Football and basketball players can get hosed because their contracts are only gurarnteed for a year or 2. If Arod breaks his neck tomorrow and never plays a day of baseball again, he'll still get paid every penny of his contract.

damn... I already closed the page that predicted that the deadline would be extended.

Selig (ie: the commissioner's office) gave them until 6 P.M. today for A-rod, the Rangers and The Red Sox to work out a deal. The union sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong (in baseball AT ALL, but that's another rant) will NOT kill this deal. The two sides HAVE come to an agreement. It's the fucking union which is blocking it.

As a proud member of the Evil Empire, I hope this deal goes through. A-Rod may be one of the greatest single players ever, but he is far from valuable. He left Seattle, they immediately win 116 games. He goes to perennial playoff contender Texas, they finish last for three years. Indeed, half his homeruns this year were hit when his team was already eliminated.

A-Rod the LVP to the Sox? Looks like the Curse shall live on!

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pitching. please...all I want for Christmas is a couple of decent pitchers. Is that too much to ask?