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Tales from the PETAfiles: They've outdone themselves this time

PETA activists - including cuddly, costumed raccoons and foxes - are making guest appearances outside performances of The Nutcracker across the country this holiday season with a cheeky message of compassion. As children arrive to see the "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy," some will be unaware that their mothers are already starring in a real-life horror story! PETA will be there to greet any fur-clad moms and their children with their newest anti-fur leaflet-PETA Comics presents..."Your Mommy Kills Animals!"

Kids will see the bloody truth behind their momsí pretentious pelts. Accompanied by graphic photographs of skinned carcasses and animals languishing on fur farms, children will read: "Lots of wonderful foxes, raccoons, and other animals are kept by mean farmers who squish them into cages so small that they can hardly move. They never get to play or swim or have fun. All they can do is cry-just so your greedy mommy can have that fur coat to show off in when she walks the streets."

Here are the two pages of the comic: [click each for full size graphics]

What gives them the right to intrude on my personal life and choices? Ok, I don't wear fur - just because I think it's ugly - but I do eat meat and drink milk and engage in all those other things that PETA thinks are evil. How dare they use children to engage in their activist warfare? Isn't there a law against this? Endangering the mental health of a minor, maybe?

This angers me six ways to Sunday. Enough so that I have the urge to take my kids and go to the city, dressed in fur, and stand outside the theater just waiting for one of those cretins, dressed up as a raccoon or whatever woodland animal costume is the theme of the night and I swear on all that his precious, I would kick that activist so hard in the balls that they would come out of his ass. To be fair, if it's female, I would do something similar.

People who engage in this sort of activity have no conscience. They care more about the feelings of a rabid raccoon than they do human children. I say we kill them, skin them and make coats out of them.

I'm just wondering, how would you react if someone handed this comic to your kids?


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One word - Taser

Honest Officer, the freak in the racoon suit was trying to abduct my child and brainwash them.

It might not fly in court, but popular verdict would be a standing ovation.

How would I react if someone gave that to my wife? Well, I don't have a wife, and I don't think my girlfriend is into furs, but I think a knuckle sandwich would definately be in order.


I actually agree that wearing fur is hideous. Killing animals JUST for their fur? That disgusts me, and I don't think it is a choice anyone should be allowed to make.

I have no problem wearing fur from animals killed for their meat. I enjoy a good burger, and if I get a pair of shoes and a belt to boot, so much the better.

PETA's tactics here though? Insane, and outright nasty.

There are times I think that PETA is secretly on the side of animal-killing... this verges on self-parody, really.

I suddenly have an urge to borrow some children and a floor length mink coat and go stand around outside the ballet.

Come on, PETA freaks! I got your freakin Nutcracker right here, a size ten and a half (LEATHER!) boot!

These people are so frightening. The Care-Nazis. "We are so concerned over the fate of animals that we are willing to sow discord in families and traumatize children." Mmmmmmmm, now THAT's the essence of caring. It's sanctimonilicious!


Fuck PETA.

Changing the subject ... this week's Sports Illustrated (Peyton Manning cover) has a long article on the Mepham case.

And they wonder why most vet's hate them? Good god they are absolutely moronic. I seriously have to wonder about Peta and other groups like ELF, that use an issue to get histrionic attention from it and actually further damage the cause they say they care so much about.

I usually don't condone unprovoked violence, but these people certainly need a good thumping to their collective heads via a Louisville Slugger...or maybe a DeMarini aluminum bat.

I'd love to hand out notes to PETA people's kids that says "Your Mommy is a f*ing lunatic who is also a terrorist. Your mommy killed Santa Claus."

Ya know, better than kicking the braindead foot soldiers passing out this crap, too bad the entire organization can't get a collective kick in the nads.

Where are all the shyster lawyers willing to sign up some fat kids to try and milk a few million out of the fast food industry? Guess its all in the marketting. Get some of these feather merchants the idea that PETA is somewhat of a vulnerable cash cow, line up some folks that don't mind their kids testifying about the emotional trauma of being given the image of their moms carving up a bunny, and let the litigation begin. Emotional harm, alienation of affection, etc, etc. Class action style, with a parade of wronged and aggreived families callously damaged by the reckless actions of those cruel and inhuman PETA people.

Siphon off a million or two of their budget in legal fees, and keep ones fingers crossed for the multi-million dollar award jackpot. Not so much for the vicitims to get a payoff from this foolishness, but to open a breach in PETA's budget, so maybe they have to mortgage the nice waterfront office they have in Norfolk.

Hey, a deposition rolled up tightly enough, and admistered upside the organizational skull with the proper skill (and wrist english) sounds like a hell of a clue bat to me.

Oh, and btw, Demmons, I for one am glad you don't get a say in what kinds of choices people get to make.

"Now honey, you know comics are just made-up stories."

That's what I'd tell my kids.

Isn't that classy. Much like the anti-abortion folks who shove pictures of fetuses into the faces of children. Why must children be used as political pawns? Can't they just leave the kids alone?

And this isn't child abuse why?

To be honest... if somebody handed that to my son I'd beat him/her ( lets be equal here ) until they no longer moved...

Then I'd trust the Jury.

Just a warning.

And if I find myself on somebody's Jury... trust me... no conviction. I'll OJ that bunch.

I don't have any kids, but if I did, I hope they'd study the comic gravely, hand it back and say, "No, my Mommy has dark hair. Otherwise you have her pegged exactly. That's her behind you, by the way."

I wish people wouldn't wear the hides of animals they aren't going to eat. So try some stewed PETA.

1. Bring your kids to see the play, wearing the most extravagant fur coat you can find.

2. Make sure to buy a nice double-quarter-pounder before the show, and store it in one of the pockets.

3. When the PETA-nut approaches and hands your child the comic, pull out the burger and inhale it two inches away from the activist's face. Be sure to make delicious chomping and slurping sounds. Go orgasmic if you have to. "MMM, MEAT!!! Let the juice roll down your cheeks for effect.

4. When the activist slugs you (and they will...they by nature have little if any self-control), charge them with assault.

5. Laugh at them when they are sentenced. Laugh hard.

Make the burger a quarter-pounder WITH CHEESE. These whack jobs hate the dairy industry, too.

Riyadh delenda est!

RYMAN600,a man (or woman?) with a plan.Add snakeskin boots and some ivory jewelry and their heads might go "Scanners" right then and there.

OK just go back on hiatus, will you. These things upset me way too much!

I lived up the street from an abortion clinic for my younger years. Every week, the whacko protesters would show up and wave their signs in our faces while giving us pamphlets.

We were in elementary school and just trying to get to the bus.

There's no law against it, sadly.

Taser option sounds good to me.

Yeah, so my mother killed animals. We lived on a farm, and sometimes we wanted to eat.

For kids who collect gross-out card sets, that kind of comic might actually make them think that their mother is cool.

There's more on this, including audio and text documenting PETAs advocacy of, and financial support for violence and terrorism here:

PETA: "Your Mommy Kills Animals

Damn right my mommy kill(ed) animals. When I was a kid I sometimes helped her kill and butcher rabbits for the dinner table.

Mmmmmmmmm. Rabbit.

Yep, killing rodents, killing infants, no difference, nothing to see here, move along now.


Wind rider: Not a bad idea. It's 'intentional infliction of emotional distress' and any 1-L can tell you, the standards are lowered when children are targeted.

P.E.T.A - People Eating Tasty Animals

Sheesh - I can't stand furs for the most part (unless it's a delicious animal that has also been eaten), but PETA is making me want to go buy a fur. Whatta bunch of wankers.

This same bunch were dressed as horses and protesting outside a Lipizzaner performance here a while back. I wanted to laugh, seeing as the Lipizzan Stallions are treated better than kings, and worth their weight in gold to boot, but here are these morons trying to make the case that these horses are "mistreated and abused".
Yeah, looking at the sleek, well-muscled animals performing amazing feats of strength and grace that only a willing participant would be able to pull off, I could see where they would think that... /sarcasm off

Anyone up for a photoshop contest on this comic?



What would I do? I'm not sure.

But I take heart in what the CHILDREN may do.

"A recent PETA protest against milk in Scotland resulted in grammar school children in Aberdeen shouting "milk for the masses" and pelting PETA activists with cartons of milk, reported CCF. According to The Scotsman, about 100 kids surrounded PETA's Sean Gifford and his cow-costumed partner, and "drenched them in milk for about ten minutes" before two female police officers arrived to rescue the pair. "

I would reach into the Backpack of Doom, where i collect graphic and propagandishy stuff from all sides, find the 1987 "fetus flyers" pamphlets from Operation Rescue, and hand THEM one.

Wow. Talk about moral equivalence. Yep, protesting killing animals for food and fur == protesting the killing babies because they are inconvenient.


What ever happened to telling kids the facts of life? This is one of them, my friends! If you think kids will be disturbed by PETA's message, perhaps it's because you know they've got a genuine point. Sure it's nasty. But they're talking about some pretty nasty stuff. I'm not a member of PETA, and I'm not into shock tactics myself, but if this stuff gets you riled up and angry, it could only be because you're feeling guilty... Let your kids make their own decisions. It's not like this is misinformation is it?


David (Fiore),

That's just stupid as hell. I would feel the same way if someone handed my child a comic book showing grisly scenes from an abortion clinic, and I am not pro-choice.

Young children need time and guidance to be able to deal with the world's ugliness. Even if you agree with these idiots, you cannot seriously think it's ok to give this crap to a 7 year old kid.

PETA is off the planet with this shit, and if they put it in my kid's hand while I was standing there (or any other parent reading this) they'd draw back a stump.

David Fiore, did actually read the pamphlet? You asks "What ever happened to telling kids the facts of life?"

It is not a fact of life that because someone wears animal products that they are a cold hearted killer. It is a fact of life that people use animal products. Yes, I agree that my children should know the truth about where animal products come from and let them make up there own minds. To hide this from them would be hypocritical on my part.

This is not PETA's message. They are not allowing for a choice. They are using terrorism to push there stance on others. They are using the most horrific technique in the handbook of trying to get at people through their children. This is not education, it is malevolent punishment.

David Fiore goes on to state "If you think kids will be disturbed by PETA's message, perhaps it's because you know they've got a genuine point."

A genuine point that there mothers are greedy monsters that are going to kill their beloved pet doggie or kitty? Come on, this is nothing but psychological child abuse. These people pretend to be compassionate beings while holding malice in there hearts. A truly compassionate person does not draw a line between compassion for animals and compassion for innocent children.

PETA does not allow for rational choice, they are trying to force there views on others, no matter what the human cost.


I'll respond to this on my blog tonight (I'll reply Dave in Texas too, but only because he's such a convenient straw man...)

under discussion will be the definition of "mental child abuse", "terrorism", and, more importantly, the question of "conversion"...

this is a tough one, and we'd all better start forgetting about easy answers right now... I hope you'll be there.!

Dave Fiore

Couldn't post a reply to David on his site, but I emailed one. Here's his analysis of my position:

"This is pretty typical of the response that PETA's pamphlet has generated, and it's disgraceful. When "Dave-in-Texas" says "Young children need time and guidance to be able to deal with the world's ugliness", what he really means is--kids should not be forced to think about horrors until they are taught that those horrors are not horrors at all, but merely ugly realities... At that point, the battle for conversion is already lost. Congratulations "D-in-T"--your kids will wind up just like their old man: ornery bastards ready to chop off the hands of any pamphleteers that disturb their tranquility!"

Well, at the risk of being an ornery bastard, it seems as though David is arguing that you must beat this stuff into the mind of a seven year old, because when they become adults you can't persuade them with reason or logic. Or comic books.

It's not a new perspective, but at least it's honest. Thanks David.

Oh, and I will still stomp any jerk who tries to hand this to my kid.

all the best


Michele asks: "What gives them the right to intrude on my personal life and choices?"

Cruelty isn't simply a matter of personal choice.

Imagine saying to someone, "Hey, if you don't want to beat your dog, that's your business. But don't tell me not to beat mine." While we have the right to believe whatever we like, we are NOT entitled to do whatever we choose. If our actions cause unnecessary suffering, then people have every right to ask us to stop.

"I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell." -- Harry S. Truman

Michele asks: "What gives them the right to intrude on my personal life and choices?"

Cruelty isn't simply a matter of personal choice.

Imagine saying to someone, "Hey, if you don't want to beat your dog, that's your business. But don't tell me not to beat mine." While we have the right to believe whatever we like, we are NOT entitled to do whatever we choose. If our actions cause unnecessary suffering, then people have every right to ask us to stop.

"I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell." -- Harry S. Truman

needless to say, I think Jane is right


I think that you guys are a bunch of freakin phycos. I hope you all freakin die! i mean how bad of a person are you if you do inopropiate things to little kids? You are ruining these kids for life and I hope that it comes back to you.

Hope you die....

I think that this is a great tactic for the war against right wing, fur flaunting facists. Animals aren't here for your enjoyment. People can be real stupid at times, and seems to me that most of the people that posted here are stupid. If a child recieved this comic and started asking Mommy 'WHY?!' then things might begin to turn around. Our children have been brainwashed that killing is OKAY for way too long. That's just my two cents. wanna talk back to me? e-mail me..

Boy, that "Kills" in the title is really big. I think PETA is one crazy organization, and that is saying something, because I am all about animal rights. The need to respond in violence however does not seem to be the correct answer. Is that not what PETA wants? To prove that they are better than you meateating bastards? The point of this comic, and all of PETA's schemes, is press. Good or bad, press is press. So instead of getting them on the news (once again) for "carnivorus man attacks PETA member", why not try writing letters or checking to see if this is legal. Maybe I am just a naive eighteen year old who has not yet become dillusioned with the world, but calm down people.

Every one who wears fur is not a right-wing fascist.Wearing fur is one's personal choice...and you have to admit that fur coats ARE beautiful. Much of the anti-fur frenzy is borne of envy and hatred of humankind. When the last human on earth is adequately fed, clothed, housed, educated, and has his health needs adequately provided for I will start worrying about animals and NOT before!