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about that semi-hiatus and watching Lieberman pee

I thought I could do it. I can't. The less I write, the more I feel an ulcer coming on.

Now, go read this story of a blogger (one of my favorite bloggers even though he's a Hated Red Sox Fan) who witnessed Joe Lieberman's unsanitary bathroom habits.

Carry on.


Well, try things in moderation. Eat some chocolate, take a hot scented bath and have the fella give you a foot rub.

You couldn't have waited ONE MORE DAY? I had three days as my pick in the pool -- daaaaamn yooooooooooou!

The first step is admitting you have a problem. ;)

I knew it...the power of the blog was too strong...

Hehehe heheh hehehehe.

I think the key to good blog vacationing is going far away, where, when you check into a hotel, they laugh hysterically when you ask if the rooms have broadband.

Wait. Joe did wash his hands right?
Joe just needs some urinal etiquette.

Also, don't ever try that crap about blogging less ever again. Got it?