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a lileks-like hiatus

At the risk of appearing to be a Lileks copy-cat (although that's not a bad thing to be) I am going to take a semi-hiatus until the new year.

Life is incredibly busy right now and there are things that need my devotion and attention more than writing about video games and comic books do. It's all good things that - but things that are keeping me from having too much free time. I'm also trying to concentrate more on my fiction writing - I'm putting together a book of short stories that maybe someone will buy one day - so I need to not spend all of my writing time here.

I will be writing only one post each morning in the form of an essay about a photograph. I will try my damnedest to make that one post worth something. It won't be Lileks-like content, but hopefully it will be enough to make you stop by once a day until the first week in January, when I can resume writing about everything and nothing ten times a day or more (The gaming posts will continue then as well).

So hopefully, I'll see you in the morning, with the first of my one-a-day essays.

There will be no matchbook covers. I'm not that much of a copy-cat.

[You'll still be able to find an Op-Ed from me once or twice a week over at Command Post]


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Take a well deserved rest and enjoy your holidays :)

Ditto. And remember: Never Apologize for Not Blogging. (Not that you are, but just as a general rule.)

Enjoy the holdays, Michele. As Jim said, don't apologize for holding off on more free ice cream.

Hey, even I'm not doing matchbook covers until 04. Enjoy your break!

Enjoy your holidays - look forward to your return in 2004.

Have a happy holiday season, and in the spirit of the season I won't insult Lileks like I normally would.

Happy Holidays.

Enjoy them.

Best wishes to you and your family through the holiday season Michele. As others have stated here - you deserve the rest...

Enjoy your quasi-break and have a great holiday season!

I'll miss your updates but I hope you have a good period of recuperation. Well, blog recuperation anyway :).

Enjoy ALL of the holidays...just think, Christmas presents, Hannukah presents, Ramadan presents, hell, even made-up holiday Kwanza presents and don't forget the eggnog!

Oh, then I'm going to miss reading you go into hysterics when the A-Rod to Boston deal finally becomes official.

Damn. Ah, well, there'll be plenty of other ops I imagine as long as Theo is GM of the Red Sox and Steinbrenner is dictator of the Yanks.

(Yes, I'm baiting you.)

Happy Holidays, Michele.

Happy Holidays, Michele! Enjoy a well-deserved break.