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Presented Without Commentary

Mike Keefe - Denver Post

I have a roundup of today's cartoons over at Command Post.


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Of course, I share everyone's unbridaled joy at The Butcher of Baghdad's capture!

What a great weekend!

anybody else wondering why we don't have osama yet?

isnt that just me. never satisfied.

Jimbo - It's pretty simple. We don't have OBL yet because we haven't 1) caught him yet or 2) recovered his rotting corpse.

Do you understand or should i pull out the handpuppets?

I haven't been paying close enough attention to be sure... Did Osama's last dispatch really prove that he's alive (I know the ones before that were suspiciously lacking in proof).

Perhaps Osama (or Usama as the rest of the world spells it) is now a cute little patch of fungus growing in a cave in Borra Borra.

Good stuff- Got one more.

I've had 24 hours to think about that phrase.

"We got him."


The Americans got him. The country that has shed blood for the freedom of the Iraqi people, and possibly for the democratization of a tyranical region. The parents of every child who was sent overseas. The wife of every husband, the husband of every wife who fought because it was the right thing.

Other countries helped. Many of their sons and daughters have died. Many more will. Why? Because WE led the way.

Yes, WE did that. Because WE should have. And because THEY wouldn't.

Jeff, unless I'm misreading the tone of your comment, you seem to be taking a jab at the countries who helped us but didn't take the lead. If that's the case, I believe your slap is misplaced. Not everyone can be a leader, and not everyone should. People look to us to lead, because we have experience and the resources to do it. Those with the courage to follow us should be praised. If you want to lash out, lash out at the countries who wouldn't help us, even though they had far more to contribute than those who actually stood by us.

No, no, no. This wasn't a slap at anyone, least of all the brave countries that stood with us.

This was a declaration of America as a leader in doing what's right and good. Again.

No, no, no. This wasn't a slap at anyone, least of all the brave countries that stood with us.

This was a declaration of America as a leader in doing what's right and good. Again.

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