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it's been a great day

Been at the parents house most of the evening, recovering from a few hours of solid posting, linking and writing over at Command Post.

Now I have more posting, linking and writing to do. If you know of a good link - either news or bloggers - that I haven't posted here yet, please leave it in the comments. Yes, self-linking is appropriate.

Meanwhile, Puce is back and he has the real design of Saddam's little hidey hole. And Command Post is having a caption contest.


Well, I scooped the world and got the secret Saddam Hussein Interrogation Transcripts. I think that counts.

Sixteen posts, and they all pretty much sucked.

BTW, Meryl's transcript is the family-friendly one, unlike Lair's.

I've got the headline of the day, if I do say so myself (and if I don't, who will?)

I have one that is just a rundown of other bloggers posts, but this one is important, I think, because I don't want to see Dean et al accusing Bush of saying "It's over" now that Saddam is in custody.

Double joy and bliss!!! I didn`t think this day could get any better until I read you post about Puces return.

come for the metaphors. stay for the message.

"This is frustrating. This is so frustrating, it makes me want to buy some dictator lice on Ebay and instruct the little critters to chew through my frontal lobes."

Crank, that was brilliant.

"Before This I Prayed" Excerpts and links to Alaa's post from Baghdad. :Shameless self promotion: Dietz at The RANT said, "Jessica's statements may well be the best and are certainly the most eloquent I've read."

:blush and hide: =P

Saw my friend this morning who works on the Global War on Terror at CENTCOMM in Tampa. He just got back from the Middle East last night. I shook his hand and told him yesterday was one helluva day.

"It was, wasn't it?" he said. His voice was weary from 36 hours of plane rides.

He was walking his kids to school this morning. When he left two weeks ago, it was the first time he didn't have a return date on his ticket. He left without knowing when - or if - he'd be back. His family had Christmas before he left, not knowing when he'd be back.

"My only problem,'' he said, "is that on that news footage where they're looking in Saddam's throat, they didn't push the stick deep enough.''