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the money quote

Read at Late Final:

Sen. Joe Lieberman, the leading Democratic hawk running for president, is on Meet the Press and is unabashed in calling this an important victory. He also said that Saddam Hussein must face the death penalty for his crimes against humanity.

"If Howard Dean had his way, Saddam Hussein would be in power today, not in prison," Lieberman said.


You know i was thinking.... maybe Gore's endorsement and apparent "blindside" to Joe on it was planned. I mean, Dean is about get his freakin teeth kicked in at the polls and i think Joe is about to be on him like a bum on a balony sandwich.

Just a thought.

I can't help but feel that this will be a bump for Joe Lieberman who has been (by far) the most hawkish of the Democratic candidates. John Kerry looked like a complete fool on Fox this morning.

Nah, the Dems are going to ride that lame horse into oblivion.

I listened to Liberman on NBC this AM, and although he "did" make that statement about Dean and Saddam being in power, the context that he did it in was meant soley as a means to promote HIMSELF.

It bothered me that "anyone" would blot such an awesome moment with a campaign speech. Just be happy for the whole country Joe, and drop the partisan crap for 5 minutes Please.

Well, we were having a good time at the Air Base last night! Woo woo!

Love to see them fight it out such as seen on bum fights :)

Winner takes all

kerry is an embarassment. at least dean and leiberman present a choice. does KERRY even know where kerry stands? he's pro-success? gee jonh, thanks for clearing that up...

Look for that one as part of a campaing commercial next year.

i'm voting for arnold.

wait. are we talking about something different now?