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Saddam Captured!

Command Post has the news and updates.

Baghdad - Celebratory gunfire rang out over the Iraqi capital and much of the country on Sunday amid growing reports that ex-president Saddam Hussein had been captured in his hometown Tikrit, AFP correspondents reported. Joyful Iraqis let off prolonged bursts of fire from automatic weapons and other guns they are allowed to keep for self-defence. The huge Shia slum of Sadr City was still calm.

"It's a great joy for the Iraqi people because a great dictator has been arrested," said Governing Council member Mahmud Othman.

In the Shia holy city of Najaf, which suffered harsh oppression under Saddam's Sunni-led government, people took to the streets to dance, an AFP correspondent said.

Yes, joy. They are happy.

Now tell us again how wrong this war is.

Update: Of course, Metafilter pisses on the news.

Did you see the Iraqi reporters cheering at the press conference? Damn. That is good tv. I'm so happy for all Iraqis.


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I was waiting for you to wake up and find out! Kept checking my blogroll to see if you were up yet and had heard the news....

I e-mailed you about 5 minutes before you posted this -- glad you got the news! Whadda way to wake up, ey?

HOOOHOOO!!!! One less murdering dictator in the world. Today is a great day.

all is well in whoville :)

Michelle, I just knew you'd be on the case. I woke up to this an hour ago and I am still in shock. I won't be home most of today, so I just had to get my comment in now.

Woo-hoo! The American military kicks ass and takes names. Congratulations to our Armed Forces and their allies. Job well done!!


Sorry about the extra "L" in your name up there. I'm just so excited, and it is my middle name too, ya know!

We may need to put a watch on poor Oliver Willis. :)

So they found him in a hole 8-feet-deep.


Here's hoping he'll be down there again, real soon.

according to "the corner" 4th infantry nabbed him. hey hey....they're out of TEXAS. boo ya.

This is great news!

I'm just waiting for the moonbat conspiracy theories and goalpost moving (i.e. "But where's Osama?") Screw 'em. This is BIG news!

You're the first blog I've seen that has any reference to this. You even beat Drudge to the news!

The 4th infantry got him? I guess it's true - don't mess with Texas!

Really? We beat Drudge? Nice!

high fives Michele!

Reading the metafilter link....

what the heck is 'paper view?'

explains their mentality perfectly!

What's equally funny and sad is the left attempts to parse this. American troops, under Bush, winning a psychological and perhaps strategic victory? Iraqi people are happy? Does not compute.

Atrios asks the typically off-the-reservation question, "Who's the enemy now? The base needs one." I guess Iran's mullahs, Syrian Ba'athists, the DPRK and every other dictatorship contributing to global unrest doesn't show up on his radar.

Sky News' Simon Marks made a powerful point to this effect, basically, "dictators now know that the United States will come in, remove them, and free their people."

How the thought of a free world, brought about by challenging authoritarianism in all its forms, irritates the left!

What better place to go for breaking political news. Isn't this the best thing to wake up to?

Such excellent news! I'm simply left speechless (for once).

When I saw the "Special Report" logo as I flipped on the TV, my heart sank. My first thought was "Oh no, what has been blown up this time?"

Then I saw the text at the bottom and all I could say was "Thank God!"

Metafilter? Isn't that something in a fish tank? I noticed that there were some sympathetic comments in that thread. Bowlfloaters, the lot of em'.

We were jumping for joy at the Air Base. "Dancing on the Ceiling", Michele?

It's a classic case of 'no news can be good news'.

He looks kind of embarrassed, doesn't he? "Oh, is what you can see of my face red!"

Is it just me, or does that beard make him look a lot like Charles Manson?

Of course they pissed on the news - who believes anything that comes from The Coup?

So now you can add kidnapping and false imprisonment of an elected (99% of the vote) leader to the vast list of (the unelected illegitimate Resident-In-Chief) Bush War Crimes™. Of course Bush will ice him before Saddam reveals the magnitude of Bush I and Bush II’s proxy rule and pillage of democratic Iraq.

Here’s a little rain on your parade, Saddam was actually captured back in January and held in a secret room 7 floors below the White House. The Bush regime had to make sure you thought he was loose and a threat so he could go in and steal the oil and kill brown-skins. This was the plan all along, have him suddenly “captured” when the illegal occupation and pillage was complete.

You have been played like a marionette - again! If you spent any time living in the real world like me you would have known that.

Stop the racial genocide of the Bush fascist regime!
Free Iraq!
Free Afghanistan!
Free Saddam!

You're slipping. You forgot: FREE MUMIA!

Silly boy.

Saddam Hussein gave up without a fight? This proves that Saddam has strong ties with the French!

Now that was a good one Scott C!

Mumia has been making the rounds. he posted that exact same comment on Serenity's Journal.


Sounds like he's doing DU damage-control.

Ah yes, Mumia, that would be the election where your family disappears when you vote for the wrong guy.

Truly excellent news, a very quaint site you have here.

Ah, Mefi's resident trolls have finally started coming out of the woodwork. asok, who gloated over the 9/11 dead, claims that Saddam never did anything wrong, and foldy, PTMD-ridden moonbat superstar, exhorts each and every one of us to go to Iraq or be cursed as gutless cowards forevermore.