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now this is what i call christmas music

If Freddie Mercury, Bruce Dickinson and King Diamond all morphed together and started a band backed by Whitesnake, their Christmas song would sound something like this:

The Darkness - Christmas Time [mp3]

via Treacher


Bah, I still prefer Christmas At Ground Zero.

I simply refuse to believe that they are a real band. Nope. No. Nuh uh.

The Darkness has such fun music. I'm happy to hear some real, fresh rock.

Wake up! Wake up! They caught Saddam!! Hell just froze, pigs are flying, George got his xmas gift! Wakey wakey!

They're a real band, alright! The only reason their schtick works is that the songs are so great.

I've never heard of the band, but damn, I love that song. Now I've got more cd's to buy, I suppose.