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all we want for christmas is three game cubes

So why did we buy three Game Cubes? There's an explanation, really.

One is from Justin to me. That was the only thing on my Christmas list and that's what I'm getting.

So each year the kids get one big present and then a bunch of smaller ones. They both wanted a Game Cube this year. Well, DJ wanted an amp, but the one he picked out was $400, so no dice.

Well, there was no way in hell I was sharing my Game Cube with them. Hands off mommy's toys, kids. They don't touch the Dreamcast, they don't touch the action figures and now the Game Cube would be off limits.

Easy enough fix. Get them a Game Cube as well. Then I had this nightmare of the two of them fighting every single day over the game. They already spend half the day trying to find new ways to annoy each other. The last thing I needed was another thing for them to fight over. Hence, the three Game Cubes.

We all have our own and if we want to play a game together, we have three controllers. Sure, we'll all have the same Zelda pack, but that's ok. We'll probably trade one in at EB World and put it towards Metroid Prime or Monkey Ball.

So now we have every gaming system save for the X-Box, which we will probably never purchase.

I should probably buy a set of encyclopedias for them just to make myself feel less guilty for indulging their passion for gaming.

But, hey. Like mother, like kids. It's in the blood.


So do your kids not read this site, or do they get the present early?

Oh, hell no. And hopefully, they will never come across this place.

Hehe. Oh, one day they will, if they haven't already. Heck, if they know that you blog then they probably have looked it up. But anywho, have fun with the Game Cubes. Me, I'm having trouble convincing people that I don't want presents for christmas.

What kind of amp did DJ want?

This is the one he wanted.

Not likely.

No Xbox? No Halo? So you only want to play the lamo games on the second rate game systems? Well ok. Enjoy; If you can...

XBox is worth it (by far) for Halo and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. For the LameCube, the only game worth purchasing is Mario Kart: Double Dash, and it doesn't quite live up to MK64. It's close, though.


If I ever even suggested that we get more than one (NES, SNES, PS2) for our house, the look of shock and horror on my parents' face would likely kill me.

You must have a lot of money to spare and all love to play games constantly, that's all I can say. We couldn't afford three, and we'd never possibly need more than one.

Did you spring for the wireless controllers?They are so worth it,but it was mainly because the dog made the wired ones a nightmare.And the victory dance can be more freestyle \.

Well, doesn't everyone want a nice Roland amp? Heh.

I don't know what kind of amp he has not, and it may not be what he wants, but something like this Silvertone amp would be really quite nice, and you can pick them up at a pawn shop, usually, for less than $50. I've got a mid-60s Silvertone that I got for $30 at a pawn shop nearly 10 years ago, and although I got it as just a practice amp (since my 100-watt 2-12 all tube amp will rattle the fillings out of your head), it's become a staple amp for me (and believe me, I'm really, really picky about my amps). He's probably going to use effects pedals for things like distortion anyway, so all he really needs to worry about is whether or not the thing is loud enough.

Something like this would be plenty loud, have great tone (it's all about the tubes!), last forever, and be something he could keep.

Gamers-in-training. How cute is that?

The best game for GC is, hands down, by far, Metroid Prime. I would get that one if at all possible. You should be able to find a used copy for much cheaper than a new one. My kids got it for me for my birthday and it is extremely good. Too bad you can't use a mouse and keyboard to control it though...

Speaking of which, now that Halo and Knights of the Old Republic (fantasic RPG) are on the PC, there is no need to get an Xbox.

Miss Ex-Boxx is very disappointed in you, Michele. Very disappointed indeed.

You actually made her cry...

Knights of the Old Republic is even better on the PC. They added a bunch of stuff, including a new area and new quests. Awesome game across the board though.

I have Prince of Persia for the Gamecube right now. Pretty awesome game. You may want to try it out, if you haven't yet, Michele.