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hell hath no fury like a mother on a bedroom cleaning binge

I'm on a cleaning rampage today. Blogging resumes later tonight, if I have the energy.

Know what I came home from Christmas shopping with last night?

Three Game Cubes. That's right. Three.

I must be insane.


Three Game Cubes? And no PlayStation 2s?

You're right. You are insane.

Is one for me?

Not insane...I never play my PS2. I'd rather have a Game Cube.

I'll never forget when my mother threw everything on the floor of my room out a second story window. I thought it was incredibly cruel and swore I would never do it to my children.

Better than twenty years later, after days of alternating between threats and pleas, I'm looking for a shovel. I only wonder if I should tote it all upstairs (unfortunately, their rooms are on the first floor) before throwing it out a window.

Gamecube rulz.

Oh no AL, don't do any more work than necessary. Just drag a large trash can to their door and put everything in it. Then when they get home, ask them to help you take the cans out. The look on their little faces is priceless.

And yes, you can get a pre-paid lifetime therapy plan for your kids just like the pre-paid college plan.

I'm so proud of you.

Gamecube LAN, perhaps?

Crud. Explanation in the next thread. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man sleepy and... zzzz.