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roger that

Clemens is taking the weekend to decide whether he'd like to pitch for the Astros, where he would join friend Andy Pettitte, he told local talk show hosts from KKRW-FM Radio.

Rumors have been circulating since Clemens announced his retirement that he would unretire and pitch near home for the Astros. Clemens is technically a free agent, and can sign with any major league team.

When Pettitte decided on the Astros Thursday, that likely added to Clemens' motivation. Clemens and Pettitte were best friends on the Yankees.

Clemens is seriously considering this (though the Astros haven't said anything about it yet), but he's concerned that the Yankees would take away his retirement gift - a Hummer. So KKRW has offered Clemens a new Hummer if he signs with the Astros.

May I have a word with you, Roger?

Go. Go play for the Astros. Come out of your two month retirement so you can crawl up Andy Pettitte's ass. Yankee fans treated you a lot better than you deserved, Roger. But that's ok, just turn around and give them all the finger on your way to Houston. I'm not like the rest of the New York fans, Roger. I expect this kind of behavior from you.

Oh, remember that little dilemma you had about which cap to wear when you are inducted into the Hall of Fame? Please spend enough years growing old and useless with teh Astros so you can wear that cap. You don't deserve to have the Yankee emblem on your head ever again.

Then again, I was never a fan of yours. I'm glad you retired. Now I no longer have to agonize over whether to hope my Yankees win or hope you lose.

And even if this is all a big hoax or joke and you don't end up playing for Houston, I still hate you. I hope your retirement sucks.

That is all.


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Please allow me to introduce myself
I'm a man of wealth and taste....

You saying "play for the Astros" like it's a bad thing.... ;0)

Here's a view from the other side of the fence....



Did you expect anything different? Clemens stuck it to Red Sox fans when he left, why do you think he won't stick it to you guys as well?

Contrast this to Pettitte who didn't even entertain the Red Sox offer of $54 million because he didn't want to do that to Yankee fans. And he's true to his word about wanting to pitch near his home, totally unlike Clemens who talked that talk then just followed the money.

BTW pretty cool of the Red Sox to offer the $54 mil knowing he wouldn't take it and just offerring it to screw with the Yankees chances of resigning Pettitte.

Go Theo, Go!

Anti-Yankees axis in full effect. A-Rod will be with us very soon.

On a side note:

Will you be coming to Shea to see Andy pitch when Houston is in town? To think we might even sell out some home games this year :)

Drew, it's been years since I stepped inside the Big Blue Toilet Bowl, that blight of Queens.

But I may get there this year, if only to cheer on Pettitte and throw beer at whatever Met fans happen to be there.

They do show up once in a while, right?

Once in a blue moon. I love when they call to sell me season tickets and were 15 games out already.

It would be fun if a bunch if us got tickets for the same game and section though.

No need to sugar-coat it Michele - c'mon and tell us how you really feel about Roger Clemens. ;-)

If it's any consolation--and it should be--not only might Allah's glorious Sox not land A-Rod, they might be waving bye-bye to Nomar as well.

I'm off to go hang myself. Have a great day, everybody!

Already 7 comments (and a spammer), and not one joke about Clemons getting a hummer to pitch for the Astros? I really expected more of this crew.

BTW, this spammer dude Domenico is getting on my nerves, he's all over the place.

Looking on the bright side, now the rest of the Yankees fans will pour out the same torrent of loathing on Clemens that he's always got from you (and from me and every other Sox fan). Couldn't have happened to a better guy.

Unless someone else picks up the tab, I'm not going to any dis-Astros games. Downtown is a mess, and I'd rather spend the time having dead pager batteries thrown at me.

Clemens didn't get the nickname "The Texas Con Man" for nothing.

The Big Blue Toilet Bowl, forever Flushing.

I like that.

You know what I'm going to miss second-most about Andy?

Those gorgeous, gorgeous eyes.


You know what I'm gonna miss about Clemens?


Oh, now that's charming. Heaven forbid your favorite player dare entertain the notion of playing for a team other than your own. Nay, not just your team, but God's Chosen Team.

Turning EDW's comment on its head, this sentiment was asinine coming from Sox fans when Clemens moved on from Boston and it's just as asinine coming from Yankee fans now.

Not to be too harsh about it but Get Over Yourselves. What's funny is that the worst offenders here are fans of the same teams that end up luring all the best players from the rest of the country.

(Bias alert: A's fan here, who's just had to learn to live with the best players eventually leaving. Tejada's great--Giambi was great before him--but you have to take a "there's more where that came from" attitude or you'll just be way more heartbroken than a game should ever make you.)


This is great! Maybe Munson can be the Yankees' pilot too!



you're missing the point. It's HOW the sumnabitch left the Sox that pisses everyone off. It's HOW he claimed to be SOOooooo loyal to Red Sox Nation (and now the Damn Yankee fans) and that he just "wanted to be closer to home so my kids could stay in school, blah, blah, blah." Now he goes and retires, claiming such loyalty to the Damn Yankees that he'll wear their uniform into the Hall of Fame and less than two months later he's stabbing them in the back and looking toward Houston.

I expected nothing less of the whiny crybaby bitch.