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my house is your house (within limits)


I'm out for an evening of Christmas shopping, dinner and the Last Samurai.

Make yourself at home. There's hot chocolate on the stove and a platter of fresh baked cookies on the table. The liquor cabinet is open.

Talk about anything. Gather round the fireplace and tell stories. Have a sing-a-long. Relax and enjoy the evening at my open house. Oh, stay out of my underwear drawer. I have hidden cameras.

And don't let the fire burn out, ok?


My daughter and I are having a Miyazaki festival tonite,and after watching "Kiki",I have to say,damn,I miss Phil Hartman.

What a waste of talent. I've not seen Kiki's Delivery Service, but I definitely miss him on the Simpsons.

We're having a lovely sleet storm here tonight, so I think I'm probably gonna fire up the gas log and watch a DVD.

Hidden cameras, eh Michele? You'd better guard those tapes closely or you might become the next Paris Hilton. ;-)

If you're feeling poor, there's a wonderful boxed set of all of Miazaki's movies (except Spirited Away) for $100. I say the poor part because it's an unauthorized Taiwan pirate (and it's cheaper than buying authorized copies).

But there are movies in that set that you can't get anywhere else that are worth seeing.

That said, the authorized disks are better quality and have dubbing options that are missing from the pirate ones...

Purple...oh yeah.

oh shit, cameras!!

I have three of Miyazaki's films on DVD: Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky. I love all three of them. Now I just need to get My Neighbor Totoro for christmas...

Why is there a pile of snow in front of your fireplace? And how do you keep it from melting?

A nano-fic:

= The Still Queen =

I am Queen.

For a thousand years, I have ruled my city and my people, loved my consorts, raised my children.

Today I watched the sun rise. My city still bustles, my people are still free and prosperous.

But today my wings are bleeding and my children are dead.

Why must I still be Queen?

Nano-fics are fifty-five words, exactly, plus up to seven more in the title.

I'll be expecting a review of
the Last Samurai.

And I didn't know that was the panty
drawer. HONEST!
verrry interesting

I promise not to roast Marshmallow this time. I understand it was a bad thing to do and I have learned my lesson. But the neighbor lady really needs to learn that Marshmallow is not an appropriate name for a cat.

"Princess Mononoke" is also availabe on DVD. Mustn't forget that one.